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I love talking about romance books. Love. It. I could spend hours talking about books and have done just that at times. Both the good and the bad. It’s one of my most favorite things to do but lately I’ve noticed a difference. I don’t know if it’s because I’m not reading as much as I used to in previous years or if I’m changing and have become more cynical than ever. My family would probably say it’s the latter.

Book gushing. Can there not be so much of it, please? I mean, I understand that the author wants to get the word out on their new book through readers but for me, when it’s constantly “gush gush gush” and “ohmigod, this was the best book EVER!” it tends to make me not want to read the book, especially when it’s said about every book an author has written. Because seriously? Every single book of theirs was that amazing? This is where my cynicism rears its ugly head.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read a book, after seeing reviews about it, and at the end I’m left with a “WTF, did we even read the same book?” feeling. So lately, for me, the more a book gets gushed about, the further I push it down the TBR, that is, if I took the time to spend my money on it. I’ve had to block some readers on Facebook because every review that was coming through was one that said “this book/this author was so freaking amazing that you must go buy the book now!” If it was something that was said about one or two books, I’ll give them leeway but to say that about each and every book? It makes me wonder what their motive is.

When I first started following book blogs, Wendy and Rosario, were two of the first blogs I found. I loved the whole process of how they reviewed their books and from their blogs, I found others to follow. In recent months, I’ve cut back on my blog-hopping. Part of it was because one of my daughters was diagnosed with health issues and part of it was because I was in a horrible (let me repeat, Horrible) book slump. Nothing was grabbing me. I found myself playing a lot of games on Facebook and Pogo to pass the time or I’d watch TV and get lost in that. When I wasn’t doing that, I was going through my Keeper bins and rereading/skimming my favorite parts in them.

If the gushing didn’t rub me wrong, there’s now a “secrecy” thing too. Recently a book came out where the author admitted to writing under two different names but wanted her readers to keep mum on it because her publisher/editor wanted to see how her new book, under her new name would do. My first thought to that was did she think readers were idiots? Can we not read the copyright page and see her name there and put two and two together? I’ve browsed at message boards and blogs and in most cases, the readers seem to think this is a “debut” author and it just rubs me wrong because I feel she’s conning the readers. Coming out as a new author when she’s already got a bunch of books out under another name. Why all the secrecy? To be honest, I found this book and bought it before I read the email she sent out to her readers and because of how the email read, this is another book that will probably never see the light of day in my house.

Which just makes me wonder, what will happen when the “secret” is out? Do they even care that they’re going about it the wrong way? Why not just say “Hey, I’ve been Author A for so many years and have decided to become Author B in this new venture I’m taking. Why not take a look and see if you like it?” instead of being so secretive?

Am I being petty here?

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    5 Responses to “Book Gushing & Secrecy. Could it backfire?”

    1. Sharon M
      June 7
      9:48 pm

      I certainly don’t understand in this day and age how somebody could think they can keep such a huge secret. Especially with author A name on the copyright page. Maybe publishers feel that not a lot of people read copyright pages but I always do. Obviously I’m not the only one.

      I can understand the need for a different name if you’re writing in a very different genre but don’t try to keep that a secret. Use your built-in fan base to spread the word and have crossover readers.

      I will admit to getting caught up in the gush of certain new releases. For some of those, I wish I’d waited until more reviews came out to find out about plot points that just aren’t my thing. I have several books on my shelves that I will probably never read because I found out a little more about them after the initial gush and hype died down.

      I also have several books that I’ve started and tried to like…in fact wanted to like because everybody else does…but I just don’t. Those I will try again some day when I’m in the mood. Maybe.


    2. Romance Book Maven
      June 7
      9:53 pm

      Sharon, it just boggles my mind. Do they seriously think it’ll remain a secret? Like you, I always (at least I try to) check copyright page (and dedication page) before I buy a book.


    3. Melissa
      June 8
      1:04 pm

      Ha, me, too!! I always read copywrite page AND the dedication! LOL, I always want to know if an author is writing under their ‘true’ name, are they LLC or some such? I’m just curious that way!! You know, there are authors that I DO love everything they write ~ but still some are better than others, you know what I mean? Take Julie Garwood or Linda Howard ~ no WAY would I miss one of their books, and I like their writing styles so much that I know I’ll enjoy the story ~ even if it’s not as great as some of the others they’ve written. Some authors are hit and miss w/ me ~ I might LOVE this book they wrote, and can’t even get into another they’ve written. I’ve got keepers from authors I no longer buy beause they’ve changed up their styles so much they no longer appeal to me, which makes me SAD!! I really try, if I just don’t care for a book, or if it’s not for me, to just not say anything unless someone asks me directly.


    4. Romance Book Maven
      June 8
      4:51 pm

      Exactly. I’d be one of the first ones in line to talk about my love for Julie Garwood and Linda Howard but even they didn’t write the “best” book ever with each release they’ve had but that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped buying their books. My issue is the constant gushing, like no one can say they didn’t like a book for this reason or that reason.


    5. Ali
      June 9
      12:06 am

      I’m with you on this… gushing and secrecy rub annoy me, too, grr


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