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Have been super busy since my last post. My 13 year old was admitted to the hospital for complications with the knee surgery she had on July 9th. One of the incisions was not healing as well as the others and it had a nasty odor that did not smell right. Took her to the surgeon and we were told that although it did not look infected, she was going to go back in and clean it out because she thought my daughter was having a reaction to the “cement glue” they put in to take the place of the dead tissues they had to take out.

Surgery #2 was on August 6th and everything seemed fine until that following Wednesday. She had a PT appointment that day and everything was great; she was walking with a walking stick, could get up and down the stairs on her own, didn’t have any pain that she complained about. Thursday morning she woke up saying her leg hurt. Throughout that day she complained about it. To the point that she either stayed in bed or, when she had to walk, she reverted to using the walker instead of the walking stick. By that night she was crying from the pain but other than it being swollen as it had been, there was nothing new that I could see when I uncovered her knee and looked at the incisions. Pain pills were doing nothing for her so Friday morning, she had another PT appointment and I knew she wouldn’t be able to do any of the exercises with her PT but I called her anyway and told her what was going on.

Thank goodness the PT and surgeon’s office were in the same building.

She said to go ahead and bring her in so she could look at it and have the doctor look at it too so we could see what we were dealing with. It took us an hour to get her down the stairs, she was in so much pain. We finally got to the office and the PT uncovered her leg to see that it had been draining during the night. It wasn’t when I checked it the night before. The doctor requested that we go upstairs so she can have a look. We get there and she says she’s going to remove a couple of the stitches to let it drain more. As an aside, she asked her assistant to take Haneen’s temperature, saying she didn’t think we were dealing with a fever. Wrong. Ended up her temp was 102.4. Which changed what the doctor had just said she wasn’t going to do. Since we were now dealing with a fever, she said we had to go back to the hospital so she could go back in and clean up her knee.

Surgery #3 was the following day, August 14th. We were told that we’d only be in the hospital for 2 to 3 days. This time, they ended up putting in a drain in her leg to keep the fluids from building and a pick line in the inner part of her upper left arm. The line was because they found it was infected and that it had gone to the bone. The name they gave it was Methicillin-Sensitive Staphylococcus Aureus or MSSA. Which meant in addition to the three knee surgeries she’s had, she now has to deal with being connected to a pump for at least six weeks that would dispense antibiotics into her system every six hours. To say I was freaking out at this time would be an understatement. My girl is strong but I kept wondering how much more she’d be able to take. Our 2-3 days ended up being 13 days. Her fever kept spiking up and down. During the day, she was fine, no fever, but once she fell asleep and they would come take her vitals at night, her fever would shoot up. They refused to release us until the fever broke and it was gone for at least 48 hours.

Wednesday, August 18th, the doctor came in early in the morning and removed the drain from her knee as it hadn’t drained anything in 24 hours. Things were fine all day on Wednesday and we were told Thursday would “hopefully” see us getting discharged. Thursday comes along and we’re still moving in the right direction, healing and fever has finally been gone for at least 24 hours. During that time they give her an infusion to help strengthen her bones. At home, I had been giving her Fosomax once a week but with this new medicine, she would get the infusion once a month.

Friday rolls around and the doctor comes in after a night where Haneen barely slept because she again had a fever and was complaining about her leg hurting again. Uncovering her leg showed drainage again to the point that the doctor said we’d be going to the OR as soon as she was able to get a room. So Surgery #4 happened on August 20th. This time she came out with a drain tube in her leg and also a wound vac. That’s four surgeries in less than five weeks. Again, for the first few days, we battled with her fever going up and down.

Saturday night, a little after midnight, I noticed her face looked all splotchy. A rash had appeared and it covered her face, arms, legs, stomach & back. No clue where it came from but all of a sudden it was all over her. At this time, she’d been on the antibiotics since August 14th so we didn’t think it was a reaction to that but as they had given her so many other meds while we were there, we weren’t sure what it was she was reacting to. The rash lasted a couple days and other than complaining that it itched, she wasn’t having any other reactions to it. So now we have to wait until later this month to see if the medicine they gave her in place of the Fosomax is the medicine that made her break out in a rash as it popped up less than 48 hours after being given to her.

We were finally discharged on the 28th but because of the wound vac and pump (they removed the drainage tube that morning) we now have a nurse who comes out Mon-Wed-Fri to change out the would vac and make sure the pump is running as it should as I have to change the bag of antibiotics every morning so she can have her meds for the day. We also have a PT who comes out twice a week and because of the wound vac and pump, we were told it would be best if she was “homebound” for six weeks so now we pick up her school work so she can do it during the week then turn it back in for the next set of papers. As of right now, barring any more complications, she’ll be able to go to school the first week of October. Part of her likes it but part of her hates not being around her friends now that school has started.

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