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He Is Not What She Had In Mind.

Jude Bertrand is not an excellent dancer. Nor does he wear the most fashionable coats. But when Marissa York’s brother approaches him, desperate to preserve Marissa’s tenuous reputation, Jude does prove heroic enough to offer to marry the girl. In fact, the union should more than make up for his lack of social graces—and his own scandalous past…

But Minds Change…

Marissa knows that betrothal to the son of a duke—even one as raw and masculine as Jude—will save her from ruin, but that doesn’t mean she’s happy about it. Soon, though, she finds that Jude has a surprisingly gentle touch—and plans to use it to persuade Marissa that their wedding day cannot come soon enough…

This past month I’ve been in a historical mood. My first love genre that I’ve noticed, in the past year, I haven’t been reading a lot of. I decided it was time to fix that and picked up A LITTLE BIT WILD out of the TBR that is slowly taking over my house. I settled myself down to enjoy it and within a few pages knew it wasn’t for me.

It starts off with a bang. From the first scene, we know the heroine is sleeping with a random person. Random as in he’s not the hero. He (Random Guy) thinks they’ll be getting married now that they did the deed but the heroine is quick to correct that misconception. She proceeds to tell him that she although she had sex with him, she has no plans to marry him.

A few pages later, her family is informed about what happened and again she says no to marrying the guy. (At one point, I found myself closing the book to look at the spine again, to double-check that it truly was a historical that I was reading. It didn’t seem like it, to be honest.) The hero, who is a friend of one of her brothers, steps in later and says he’ll marry her. The reaction from the heroine completely turned me off ever wanting to know if she ever had her HEA or not. Within a few pages and with just a few words said, she just ceased to matter to me, even though the hero seemed interesting to me. Though, not so interesting that I would have read all the way through the heroine’s spoiled and immature attitude. She gave off the “How dare you actually think you’re as good as I am and expect me to actually marry you?” vibe.

I probably could have given it more time to see if it got better but her attitude just grated on my nerves and for that, I added this book to my DNF list.

This was actually my first Dahl read. I did want to like the book. I hate that I didn’t as I have several other books by Dahl in the TBR that I added after I found her on Twitter and started following her. She’s extremely funny and I wanted to give her a try.

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    4 Responses to “Review: A LITTLE BIT WILD by Victoria Dahl”

    1. Ali
      October 12
      11:28 pm

      it can suck when heroine is such a witch to hero :(


    2. WendyK
      October 13
      5:16 pm

      I’ve read one of hers and it was good. Let me think what it was.I read LEAD ME ON which is a cont. and was good. I can’t remember it right off. I remember it being funny.

      So I’d say give her another shot



    3. Romance Book Maven
      October 13
      6:56 pm

      That it can! :(


    4. Romance Book Maven
      October 13
      6:57 pm

      I have 3 of her contemps on my Kindle. I plan to read them just not sure when right now.


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