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With all the health issues my 13 year old is going through, she’s had to miss three months of school and finally, tomorrow, will be her first day of school now that we’re finally on the right track. She’s been keeping up with school work here at home and I know she’s probably more than ready to get back to school to be with her friends so I’m hoping and praying that the good news we’ve received in the past few weeks from the doctors keeps getting better for her. It’s been almost a year since her JDM diagnosis and it’s been…a roller-coaster ride since July, when she had her first surgery. We still have PT to do several times a week and her blood work is finally looking “normal” or, as the doctors’ have said, “normal for her as she continues to surprise all of us.” I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we just keep going forward from this point on with no backtracking to be seen.

I feel like celebrating tomorrow once she’s in school…by taking a nap. A long one. :muahaha:

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    3 Responses to “Dare I say it?”

    1. Melissa
      November 28
      5:50 pm

      I’m so THRILLED for you and Haneed, Fatin ~ and so hope everything continues on this road! I know this is the best Christmas gift you could have ~~ I am still praying for you both, and to keep all the bases covered I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed, too!!
      Big hugs and kisses to you both!!


    2. Romance Book Maven
      November 28
      5:53 pm

      Thanks Melissa! You’re the best! :hugpg:


    3. Melissa
      November 28
      8:12 pm

      Jeez, yeah, just noticed the typo ~~ blush ~~ tell Haneen I’m sorry!! Hugs ~~ hope she has an awesome first day back to school!!


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