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For the last few weeks I’ve been in a weird mood when it comes to reading. I’ve started and stopped so many books that I’ve lost count. I’ve bought new ones to try to get myself interested in them. Will read the blurbs, they sound great, buy it and then I’m just not interested in reading it right then. I have received e-ARCs in my inbox that I have been eager to get my hands on but now that I have them? They’re just sitting there on my Kindle. I’ve received ARCs in the mail and they do are just sitting there waiting for me to pick them up to read. I hate slumps and I feel I’m falling deeper and deeper into this one. Yesterday on Twitter, several ladies recommended SWEET AS SIN by Inez Kelley as a “romangsty” read and their comments made it sound so good that I immediately went into my Kindle’s archives and started reading it. That was yesterday. Tonight, I’m still at 17%. I know it’s not the book, it’s my mood. I haven’t read much of anything today.

Actually, haven’t read much in the past few days. I’ve been watching TV. I’ve taken to watching my DVR’d shows. In the last few weeks, I’ve watched Season 3 of Sons of Anarchy (Jax and Opie, be still my heart). I love this show. In addition, I’ve watched all the Desperate Housewives episodes that I had on my DVR. Cried my eyes out in the episode where Mike was murdered and in the following episode when they showed his funeral. I know it was a show and it was pretend but that hit a little too close to home for me. Watching Susan and MJ grieving for Mike and trying to move on just made me sob. Then, on the flip side, I watched episodes of New Girl that had me rolling, they were so funny. I watched the new show, Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23 last week. Not sure about this one, will give it a couple more episodes before I decide on it. I’ve watched all the 20/20, Dateline, 48 Hours and ID channel shows that lured me in. Have been watching The Amazing Race with my oldest daughter every Sunday. This is one of our must see together shows. Criminal Minds and Justified are still on the DVR to get to. As is Once Upon A Time. Have heard a lot about this show but have yet to watch any of the episodes, although I have them all on the DVR. Another couple of shows that I want to see are Ringer and Revenge. I started out with Ringer but then stopped watching it for some reason and now my oldest says I need to catch up because it’s gotten good. I’ve got several episodes of Hart of Dixie on the DVR too. This one, I’m iffy about. Some episodes are good, others just make me grind my teeth watching it.

What do you find yourself doing when you find you’re falling into a reading slump? How do you avoid them?

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