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PROVOKED by Riley Murphy
Copyright: May 2015
Publisher: Renegade Publishing
Series: Make Me, #1
Source: Bought from Amazon

When a museum executive secretary, who barely tolerates men, has a run in with an infamous BDSM Master, Neil Cannon, a man who lives to discipline women, there’s little she can do about it. Why?

The Master thinks Charlotte, a.k.a Charlie is her kink-loving, totally outrageous, and continually stirring-up-trouble twin sister. And after what Charlie just did, he has to keep thinking that. At least until she can find a way to climb out of the huge mess her well-meaning intentions have landed her in. She’ll take the punishments the Master intends for her twin. She’ll even put up with him and his misogynistic antics if it means she’ll be able to unlock the secrets that will save her family. All she has to do is behave like her sister. How hard could it be to emulate a fearless, over-confident, rebellious woman, with highly questionable sexual standards?

Neil’s been waiting months for the chance to deal with this audacious sub who’s been jacking up the testosterone levels of his vanilla crew whenever her sports car needed maintenance. That’s why he made the service call himself. He’s confident she won’t be yanking his chain, because if she tries he’s prepared to yank it right back.

Or so he thought until she turns out to be different than what he expected her to be. She starts pushing buttons he didn’t know he had. She’s flipping internal switches, lighting things up, creating a whole new level of dominant need he’s determined to explore, enjoy, and satisfy.

Unfortunately, before either of them can get a handle on the D/s chemistry exploding between them, she takes off. It’s then he discovers that she’s invited a part of his past, that he’s promised to steer clear of, right to his front door.

Now, in order to keep her safe, he must find her, and when he does he has to keep her close. Too close for either one of them to escape the inevitable truth.

“Sometimes the best pleasures in life are found at the end of a person’s comfort zone,” whispered the Master to the one woman he’s dead set on collaring…

This was my first time reading Riley Murphy. I actually bought PUSHED first then realized there was a book before it so I decided to start that one.

Cat & Charlie are twins. Identical twins. Only thing different is that Charlie got a tattoo of a dove on her *ss in college because Cat was experiencing the college life with guys but telling them that her name was Charlie. To make it stop, Charlie got a tattoo because Cat has a fear of needles and would never get one.

The story starts off with Charlie taking/stealing money and some artifact from a guy she drugged who is now looking for her. At the same time, Cat has issues with the owner of the BDSM club she goes to so perfect solution, in their minds, is that they switch places. Charlie will go to the BDSM club and take Cat’s punishment, which is to stay in the “hole” for a few days so she doesn’t get kicked out of the BDSM club. In return, Cat would stay at Charlie’s house until things calmed down and then they’d get things back to normal.

I will say the book did start out interesting. The whole mistaken identity trope is actually one of my favorites in books. So Charlie meets Master Cannon as “Cat” and knowing how Cat is, is rude and snarky to him. Neil doesn’t take too kindly to being talked to like that so decides “Cat” needs to be taken into hand and given lessons on how subs really act. Things are just getting good, because it turns out, Charlie, who has never been in a D/s relationship took to her first couple lessons like a duck to water but when they’re interrupted, she ended up leaving with Cat. Before Neil realized there were actually two of them.

The money stolen by Charlie was because her mother was ill and was in desperate need of surgery. Charlie and Cat head home, find there’s a whole family secret neither knew about and Neil tracks them down there and realizes there are two Cats. Truth comes out, Charlie wants to continue with the lessons and he tells her no and gives her reasons why.

This is where the book took a turn for me. Charlie became TSTL in some scenes. She gave off a desperate vibe because she kept going after Neil and he would tell her she needed to apologize and she’d give excuse after excuse with no real apology. At that point, I didn’t really care if they had their HEA or not.

In the meantime, Neil and Jude were trying to bring down the baddie and find the big family secret that involved Charlie and her family. Charlie and Cat end up finding a paper with the exact location of where they were headed and decided to go there with Charlie’s assistant. Of course they run into obstacles and again come off as TSTL. At one point, Neil tells Charlie he’s disappointed in her. Next scene is of Charlie jumping into the water to save a girl and when Neil takes that girl with the thought that Charlie would have climbed out herself but instead Charlie waits until they’re out of sight and then lets go and “floats away” because she just knows she’s “disappointed” Neil and they’d never be able to get past that. Are you kidding me? She had to be saved by Neil and then spent the next two weeks moping that he left her in the hospital as soon as she woke up. Cue the little violin music.

Of course this is a romance and they did have their HEA but it was just very meh to me.

In addition to that, the family secret? Once it was recovered? I expected a very emotional scene, like the scene when the secret came out but there was nothing. Just a few scenes where “The Skype” was involved and conversations were had but did I miss it? Did a physical face to face scene happen and I just skimmed it? At the end, I did do some skimming just to make the story pass faster but I would have paused at the reunion scene and yet, it never happened in this book. Do I assume that there’s a book 3 in the future and it’ll involve that character?

Also, for the baddie? While he was the baddie he was not the original baddie the hero thought he was so there’s still the mystery of whodunit (even though the reader has a pretty good idea at this point) and of that person getting caught. Does that happen in book 2? I don’t even know if I want to read book 2 right now. I may take a break and read something else because as Charlie had some TSTL moments, her sister had them too and I really don’t want to read two back to back books with TSTL heroines.

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    3 Responses to “Review: PROVOKED by Riley Murphy”

    1. azteclady
      August 21
      4:52 pm

      Yay! You are reading, you are reviewing! Welcome back!

      (Yeah, this one does not appeal to me, at all)


    2. Romance Book Maven
      August 23
      5:04 pm

      I’ve been in such a horrible book slump. Not even keepers are helping me get out of it.


    3. azteclady
      August 23
      8:53 pm

      Well, damn, that sucks really really bad.

      I’m still sorta in the slump–mostly doing re-reads though.


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