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For the last few weeks I’ve been in a weird mood when it comes to reading. I’ve started and stopped so many books that I’ve lost count. I’ve bought new ones to try to get myself interested in them. Will read the blurbs, they sound great, buy it and then I’m just not interested in reading it right then. I have received e-ARCs in my inbox that I have been eager to get my hands on but now that I have them? They’re just sitting there on my Kindle. I’ve received ARCs in the mail and they do are just sitting there waiting for me to pick them up to read. I hate slumps and I feel I’m falling deeper and deeper into this one. Yesterday on Twitter, several ladies recommended SWEET AS SIN by Inez Kelley as a “romangsty” read and their comments made it sound so good that I immediately went into my Kindle’s archives and started reading it. That was yesterday. Tonight, I’m still at 17%. I know it’s not the book, it’s my mood. I haven’t read much of anything today.

Actually, haven’t read much in the past few days. I’ve been watching TV. I’ve taken to watching my DVR’d shows. In the last few weeks, I’ve watched Season 3 of Sons of Anarchy (Jax and Opie, be still my heart). I love this show. In addition, I’ve watched all the Desperate Housewives episodes that I had on my DVR. Cried my eyes out in the episode where Mike was murdered and in the following episode when they showed his funeral. I know it was a show and it was pretend but that hit a little too close to home for me. Watching Susan and MJ grieving for Mike and trying to move on just made me sob. Then, on the flip side, I watched episodes of New Girl that had me rolling, they were so funny. I watched the new show, Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23 last week. Not sure about this one, will give it a couple more episodes before I decide on it. I’ve watched all the 20/20, Dateline, 48 Hours and ID channel shows that lured me in. Have been watching The Amazing Race with my oldest daughter every Sunday. This is one of our must see together shows. Criminal Minds and Justified are still on the DVR to get to. As is Once Upon A Time. Have heard a lot about this show but have yet to watch any of the episodes, although I have them all on the DVR. Another couple of shows that I want to see are Ringer and Revenge. I started out with Ringer but then stopped watching it for some reason and now my oldest says I need to catch up because it’s gotten good. I’ve got several episodes of Hart of Dixie on the DVR too. This one, I’m iffy about. Some episodes are good, others just make me grind my teeth watching it.

What do you find yourself doing when you find you’re falling into a reading slump? How do you avoid them?






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When I first had my friend Dee design this blog for me, I told her I wanted icons to be able to use on the blog. For reviews and such. I loved what she and her husband made for me but I always felt I needed one to portray my feelings when I read something that didn’t work for me at all. I think her hubby got it with this icon…I love it! What do you think?

I think I need to think of some more icons for her hubby to make me…these are so cool! :)






‎”We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.” ~~ Edith Lovejoy Pierce






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Seriously, the picture above made me giggle like crazy because my sisters and I all do the same thing when Mom calls to say she’s coming for a visit. We run around our houses, cleaning like crazy, before she arrives. :muahaha:

I had the carpet guy come out today and clean the living room and the upstairs landing. He did a pretty good job, there’s only one stain that refused to budge but it’s not as noticeable now as it was before the cleaning. Last night I was so exhausted that I did something I haven’t done in years. I was in bed and sleeping by 10:30 last night. Usually I do a little reading before bed but last night, I didn’t even do that. Just got ready and went to bed and was sleeping within minutes. I might do that again tonight but I don’t plan to make it a habit of going to bed before my girls do. :smile_wp:

In between the cleaning, I’m actually getting some good reading time completed. In the middle of A TOUCH OF MAGICK by N.J. Walters, which I have listed as part of my Fall Into Reading Challenge list. So far I’m really enjoying it and hope to finish it by tomorrow, if possible. Not sure what I’ll read next, my mood is calling for a historical so I’ll look through my TBR and see what I have that’ll grab me.






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I have a billion and one things to do before my Mom arrives next Friday and what have I been doing off and on today? Playing on the blog, working on reviews and surfing the blogs I follow. I should be offline right now and yet here I sit, still playing. There’s cleaning to be done, procrastinator! :badgirl:






With all the health issues my 13 year old is going through, she’s had to miss three months of school and finally, tomorrow, will be her first day of school now that we’re finally on the right track. She’s been keeping up with school work here at home and I know she’s probably more than ready to get back to school to be with her friends so I’m hoping and praying that the good news we’ve received in the past few weeks from the doctors keeps getting better for her. It’s been almost a year since her JDM diagnosis and it’s been…a roller-coaster ride since July, when she had her first surgery. We still have PT to do several times a week and her blood work is finally looking “normal” or, as the doctors’ have said, “normal for her as she continues to surprise all of us.” I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we just keep going forward from this point on with no backtracking to be seen.

I feel like celebrating tomorrow once she’s in school…by taking a nap. A long one. :muahaha:






All you have to do is watch the video below. Every time you watch the full video, UnitedHealthcare will donate 10 cents to breast cancer research. Just watch it. That’s all you have to do. Also, if you have an account at YouTube, just put it in your quene and let it repeat. Easy peasy. :cheerleader:






Have been super busy since my last post. My 13 year old was admitted to the hospital for complications with the knee surgery she had on July 9th. One of the incisions was not healing as well as the others and it had a nasty odor that did not smell right. Took her to the surgeon and we were told that although it did not look infected, she was going to go back in and clean it out because she thought my daughter was having a reaction to the “cement glue” they put in to take the place of the dead tissues they had to take out.

Surgery #2 was on August 6th and everything seemed fine until that following Wednesday. She had a PT appointment that day and everything was great; she was walking with a walking stick, could get up and down the stairs on her own, didn’t have any pain that she complained about. Thursday morning she woke up saying her leg hurt. Throughout that day she complained about it. To the point that she either stayed in bed or, when she had to walk, she reverted to using the walker instead of the walking stick. By that night she was crying from the pain but other than it being swollen as it had been, there was nothing new that I could see when I uncovered her knee and looked at the incisions. Pain pills were doing nothing for her so Friday morning, she had another PT appointment and I knew she wouldn’t be able to do any of the exercises with her PT but I called her anyway and told her what was going on.

Thank goodness the PT and surgeon’s office were in the same building.

She said to go ahead and bring her in so she could look at it and have the doctor look at it too so we could see what we were dealing with. It took us an hour to get her down the stairs, she was in so much pain. We finally got to the office and the PT uncovered her leg to see that it had been draining during the night. It wasn’t when I checked it the night before. The doctor requested that we go upstairs so she can have a look. We get there and she says she’s going to remove a couple of the stitches to let it drain more. As an aside, she asked her assistant to take Haneen’s temperature, saying she didn’t think we were dealing with a fever. Wrong. Ended up her temp was 102.4. Which changed what the doctor had just said she wasn’t going to do. Since we were now dealing with a fever, she said we had to go back to the hospital so she could go back in and clean up her knee.

Surgery #3 was the following day, August 14th. We were told that we’d only be in the hospital for 2 to 3 days. This time, they ended up putting in a drain in her leg to keep the fluids from building and a pick line in the inner part of her upper left arm. The line was because they found it was infected and that it had gone to the bone. The name they gave it was Methicillin-Sensitive Staphylococcus Aureus or MSSA. Which meant in addition to the three knee surgeries she’s had, she now has to deal with being connected to a pump for at least six weeks that would dispense antibiotics into her system every six hours. To say I was freaking out at this time would be an understatement. My girl is strong but I kept wondering how much more she’d be able to take. Our 2-3 days ended up being 13 days. Her fever kept spiking up and down. During the day, she was fine, no fever, but once she fell asleep and they would come take her vitals at night, her fever would shoot up. They refused to release us until the fever broke and it was gone for at least 48 hours.

Wednesday, August 18th, the doctor came in early in the morning and removed the drain from her knee as it hadn’t drained anything in 24 hours. Things were fine all day on Wednesday and we were told Thursday would “hopefully” see us getting discharged. Thursday comes along and we’re still moving in the right direction, healing and fever has finally been gone for at least 24 hours. During that time they give her an infusion to help strengthen her bones. At home, I had been giving her Fosomax once a week but with this new medicine, she would get the infusion once a month.

Friday rolls around and the doctor comes in after a night where Haneen barely slept because she again had a fever and was complaining about her leg hurting again. Uncovering her leg showed drainage again to the point that the doctor said we’d be going to the OR as soon as she was able to get a room. So Surgery #4 happened on August 20th. This time she came out with a drain tube in her leg and also a wound vac. That’s four surgeries in less than five weeks. Again, for the first few days, we battled with her fever going up and down.

Saturday night, a little after midnight, I noticed her face looked all splotchy. A rash had appeared and it covered her face, arms, legs, stomach & back. No clue where it came from but all of a sudden it was all over her. At this time, she’d been on the antibiotics since August 14th so we didn’t think it was a reaction to that but as they had given her so many other meds while we were there, we weren’t sure what it was she was reacting to. The rash lasted a couple days and other than complaining that it itched, she wasn’t having any other reactions to it. So now we have to wait until later this month to see if the medicine they gave her in place of the Fosomax is the medicine that made her break out in a rash as it popped up less than 48 hours after being given to her.

We were finally discharged on the 28th but because of the wound vac and pump (they removed the drainage tube that morning) we now have a nurse who comes out Mon-Wed-Fri to change out the would vac and make sure the pump is running as it should as I have to change the bag of antibiotics every morning so she can have her meds for the day. We also have a PT who comes out twice a week and because of the wound vac and pump, we were told it would be best if she was “homebound” for six weeks so now we pick up her school work so she can do it during the week then turn it back in for the next set of papers. As of right now, barring any more complications, she’ll be able to go to school the first week of October. Part of her likes it but part of her hates not being around her friends now that school has started.






Have been MIA recently as I took the girls to Florida for a few days to visit my Mom and family. Had a great time visiting with everyone and hope to do it again next year. Came home in time to take my 13 year old to her pre-op appointment on Thursday as she was having knee surgery on Friday. We’ve been homebodies since I brought her home on Friday as she’s got a brace on her that goes from her thigh to her ankle on her left leg. Doctor says everything went great and now we’re starting PT with her that will keep us busy for the next 6-8 weeks. We had a local PT she was going to but the surgeon said she’d rather we see the PTs in her office as her team knows what she expects and wants in terms of how far to push her in her excercises so we’ll be going to Durham two or three times a week for the next few weeks. She’s been amazing though. Only complained about pain that first day and has been fine since then. Complains about being bored, though, which is understandable. :mrgreen_wp:






I love talking about romance books. Love. It. I could spend hours talking about books and have done just that at times. Both the good and the bad. It’s one of my most favorite things to do but lately I’ve noticed a difference. I don’t know if it’s because I’m not reading as much as I used to in previous years or if I’m changing and have become more cynical than ever. My family would probably say it’s the latter.

Book gushing. Can there not be so much of it, please? I mean, I understand that the author wants to get the word out on their new book through readers but for me, when it’s constantly “gush gush gush” and “ohmigod, this was the best book EVER!” it tends to make me not want to read the book, especially when it’s said about every book an author has written. Because seriously? Every single book of theirs was that amazing? This is where my cynicism rears its ugly head.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read a book, after seeing reviews about it, and at the end I’m left with a “WTF, did we even read the same book?” feeling. So lately, for me, the more a book gets gushed about, the further I push it down the TBR, that is, if I took the time to spend my money on it. I’ve had to block some readers on Facebook because every review that was coming through was one that said “this book/this author was so freaking amazing that you must go buy the book now!” If it was something that was said about one or two books, I’ll give them leeway but to say that about each and every book? It makes me wonder what their motive is.

When I first started following book blogs, Wendy and Rosario, were two of the first blogs I found. I loved the whole process of how they reviewed their books and from their blogs, I found others to follow. In recent months, I’ve cut back on my blog-hopping. Part of it was because one of my daughters was diagnosed with health issues and part of it was because I was in a horrible (let me repeat, Horrible) book slump. Nothing was grabbing me. I found myself playing a lot of games on Facebook and Pogo to pass the time or I’d watch TV and get lost in that. When I wasn’t doing that, I was going through my Keeper bins and rereading/skimming my favorite parts in them.

If the gushing didn’t rub me wrong, there’s now a “secrecy” thing too. Recently a book came out where the author admitted to writing under two different names but wanted her readers to keep mum on it because her publisher/editor wanted to see how her new book, under her new name would do. My first thought to that was did she think readers were idiots? Can we not read the copyright page and see her name there and put two and two together? I’ve browsed at message boards and blogs and in most cases, the readers seem to think this is a “debut” author and it just rubs me wrong because I feel she’s conning the readers. Coming out as a new author when she’s already got a bunch of books out under another name. Why all the secrecy? To be honest, I found this book and bought it before I read the email she sent out to her readers and because of how the email read, this is another book that will probably never see the light of day in my house.

Which just makes me wonder, what will happen when the “secret” is out? Do they even care that they’re going about it the wrong way? Why not just say “Hey, I’ve been Author A for so many years and have decided to become Author B in this new venture I’m taking. Why not take a look and see if you like it?” instead of being so secretive?

Am I being petty here?



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