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The procedure that my daughter was supposed to have last week never happened. They found out from the MRI that she was reacting to the steroids and that’s why she was having knee pain. Since the injections they were going to give her were actually more steroids, they decided against that and scheduled another MRI instead. Now we’re just waiting to hear back about that one and see what our next step is.






I feel like I’m already slacking off when it comes to this blog. I’ve had a busy few days dealing with my 12 year old daughter. She’s been complaining that her knee hurts when she walks. I can see her limping but thought it had to do with her PT appointments and how she hasn’t had one in three weeks because they basically “graduated” her saying she had mastered everything they wanted her to and those she hadn’t mastered, she had just basically hit a plateau and hadn’t gone further in it. Turns out she has fluid in her knees and ankles. We went to Duke yesterday, appointment wasn’t until 2:30, I pulled them out of school at 1:00 to give us time to get to the office and by the time we got back home, it was 8:00pm. They took x-rays and now she’s scheduled to have an MRI on Friday afternoon. Then on Tuesday, they want to do a minor procedure where they put her to sleep to give her steriod shots in her knees and ankles. Because it’s going to be more than one shot, they felt it would be better to knock her out so she doesn’t feel it and get upset. I’m told the whole thing takes about 30 minutes total and then I can bring her home after she drinks and eats something light after she wakes up. The girls last day of school is Wednesday but because of this procedure, they want her to remain off her feet for a couple days, just to make sure nothing goes wrong. She has two exams on the last day of school but I’ve emailed the two teachers and asked them to let her take the exams either tomorrow or Friday as Monday is a holiday and Tuesday she won’t be there. *crossing fingers that they agree*

I’m not sure why this is happening. We’ve finally got her bloodwork in the normal range and they’ve started to decrease the daily steriod pills she takes every morning and I thought we were finally over the tough hurdle and on our way to her getting better. The doctor says it’s “signs of Arthritis”, not that she has it, they say. So if she doesn’t have it, why are they calling it that? They assure me she’ll make a full recovery of this too. That makes me feel slightly better but each time they say that, it seems something else pops up with her health wise. So please say a little prayer for her for me?

She started back up with her PT today after the doctor wrote out another prescription and the PT who saw her was the same one who worked with her before. He said that she’s actually stronger in the legs since he’s last seen her (which was 3 weeks ago). Her upper arm muscles are still weaker than her thigh/leg muscles but he says once her knees/ankles stop hurting, she should be able to do more exercises with him.

If that’s not bad enough, I took my youngest to the dentist this morning. She had been scheduled to have a tooth fixed but this morning she cried/screamed while having her teeth brushed and said one of her back teeth (a baby tooth) hurt her. So I let the dentist know as soon as we were called in and they took an x-ray and found that one side of the root had just disappeared. Just went *poof* for some reason. Which meant they had to pull it out before it infected her mouth/gums. So the work they had planned to do was rescheduled for July while they worked on the new problem that has cropped up. She did amazing, though. I was sure she’d have a fit when the dentist told her they had to numb her up and remove it. She was a little antsy during it but once I held her hands, she was fine. But she made us all laugh. The dentist asked her how much she thought the Tooth Fairy would bring her and she immediately said “$20! No, I think she’s bringing me $30!” My greedy little diva. She’s been angling for a toy house from Target that I keep refusing to get her but I think that’s what she’s aiming for with her Tooth Fairy money. She’d be able to get the house and several dolls to go along with it for that price tag. :muahaha: Will have to see how generous the Tooth Fairy is feeling later tonight. :lol_wp:

In other news, I’ve been reading G.A. Aiken’s Dragon Kin series. I started Book 1, DRAGON ACTUALLY, before our road trip to TN and while I did take my Kindle with me, I did not get any reading done while there so I didn’t actually finish it until we got back to NC. Book 2, ABOUT A DRAGON, took me two days to read and this morning I started Book 3, WHAT A DRAGON SHOULD KNOW. I’m seriously kicking myself for waiting so long to read this series, I’ve enjoyed it so much. I love the humor Shelly Laurenston/G.A. Aiken puts into her books. I always know I’m in for a good time when I read anything by her. I just wish she wrote faster. :devil_tb: Thankfully, we don’t have that long of a wait for book 4 to come out, plus the newest Laurenston book, BEAST BEHAVING BADLY, is currently sitting on my desk waiting impatiently for me to finish with Gwenvael so I can immediately dive into Blayne and Bo’s story.






Not much of a Justin Bieber fan but this is too cute for words.






On Twitter today, I saw a message by Toni McGee Causey that, being a curious person, had me clicking the link to go to her blog. What I found there hit a spot inside me. Although I haven’t lost everything I own in a flood and/or hurricane, back in 2000, my family and I, along with five other families, lost everything in a fire. Thankfully no one was hurt at the time but I mourned the loss of my books. My Keepers that I loved and were comfort reads to me. My TBR that was as out of control then as it is now. I remember online friends getting the word out about what happened to us and for weeks after, if not months, boxes of supplies and books kept arriving at my door. From people I have never met but shared a passion with. A love of reading romance books. I said it then and I’ll said it now, Romanceland has the most amazing souls ever. That they would take the time to send me books to help rebuild my TBR is something that I will never forget. Ever. That’s why when I hear about stuff like the flooding in Nashville, something in me won’t let it pass without trying to do something to help. Following Toni’s post, I went to The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee and made a donation. Every little bit helps, you know?






I had planned to start using this blog at the beginning of the year but you know what they say about best laid plans. The idea was there but then real life events interfered and I ended up feeling like this :gaah:. So I kept putting it off and would sign in and add things on the sidebar but never post anything. I fell into an awful slump around the new year. Most of it was because of health issues my 12 year old daughter was going through. I just couldn’t concentrate on reading when December/January/February were such stressful months for us. We’re now in May and Alhamdulillah (Thank God) our most recent check-up looked great. They’re again decreasing the steriods she takes on a daily basis by another 10mg so she now takes 30mg a day, along with several other pills she has to take every day. They’re hoping to keep decreasing the steriods until they completely wean her off of them but that will all depend on her bloodwork and strength tests she does every month. We’ve also gone from every week steriod infusions to every other week and starting this month, once a month infusions. She’s made awesome progress from December until now.

Now that things have changed for her, I find myself getting back into reading but I’m nowhere near what I’m used to when it comes to my book counts. I’ve done a lot of rereading in the last few months and think I’ve only read 20-25 new books so far this year. My reading is down and I’m hoping I can bring it back up soon. I’m currently reading The Wish List by Gabi Stevens but have been reading it for over a week and have only reached chapter 6 so far. I’m sure it’s my mood again because I find myself going back and rereading my stash of Julie Garwood, Linda Howard, Ginna Gray books that I have in my bedroom that I keep in a drawer just for this “I feel a slump coming on” occassion. That’s not to say I don’t have new books to read. Believe me, if I could read them as fast as I buy them, I’d have no issues. :muahaha: I’m crossing my fingers that things will change for me reading-wise soon!



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