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New Giveaway! :smile2_tb:

I’ve been a huge fan of Teresa Medeiros for years. I have several of her books on my Keeper Shelf, both her historicals and her Time-Travel duet. Two that stand out in my mind are BREATH OF MAGIC (TT) and YOURS UNTIL DAWN (H). I giggled my way through BREATH OF MAGIC when it first came out and have been nagging Ms. Medeiros with emails & Tweets asking when it would be available for Kindle because although I have it in paperback — and replaced it several times because of how worn the book became — I need it in e-format too. Because then I’d have it on hand all the time. It would be bliss. I need it so please, PTB, make my wish come true soon? Please??

*****STOP THE PRESSES! I just checked Amazon on the off-chance that BREATH OF MAGIC was available for Kindle & yippee skippee, IT IS! *happy dancing while clicking on the Buy button* Oh yes, it is MINE, all mine! :jittery_tb: Look at that…ask and you shall receive…well, not really but still, I’ll go with it. :danceele:

The second one that was an all-nighter for me was YOURS UNTIL DAWN. I’m a sucker for books with wounded characters and I loved everything about this one. The twist at the end was so unexpected that I soon as I finished it, I went back and reread it, looking at it with new eyes that had missed all the signs in the beginning. I love when an author can do that to me. It automatically puts the book (and author!) on my Keeper Shelf. :exactly:

So for this giveaway, tell me what your favorite book and/or books by Ms. Medeiros are. If you haven’t read her, what books off her bookshelf jump out at you?

Giveaway will run from today, February 10th, until Wednesday, February 16th. Open to US residents only.

Copyright: December 2010
Publisher: Simon & Schuster

New York Times bestselling author Teresa Medeiros absolutely dazzles in this quick-witted, laugh-out-loud funny, and highly moving love story that will set readers’ hearts atwitter.

Abigail Donovan has a lot of stuff she should be doing. Namely writing her next novel. A bestselling author who is still recovering from a near Pulitzer Prize win and the heady success that follows Oprah’s stamp of approval, she is stuck at Chapter Five and losing confidence daily. But when her publicist signs her up for a Twitter account, she’s intrigued. What’s all the fuss?

Taken under the wing of one of her Twitter followers, “MarkBaynard”—a quick witted, quick-typing professor on sabbatical—Abby finds it easy to put words out into the world 140 characters at a time. And once she gets a handle on tweets, retweets, direct messages, hashtags, and trends, she starts to feel unblocked in writing and in life. After all, why should she be spending hours in her apartment staring at her TweetDeck and fretting about her stalled career when Mark is out there traveling the world and living?

Or is he?

Told almost entirely in tweets and DMs, Goodnight Tweetheart is a truly modern take on a classic tale of love and loss—a Griffin and Sabine for the Twitter generation.






Today I have a special giveaway to offer. Elizabeth Gilbert, author of EAT, PRAY, LOVE has a new paperback, COMMITTED, coming out through Penguin Books on February 1st.

Giveaway will run from today, January 21st, until Wednesday, January 26th. For the chance to win a copy of COMMITTED, just leave a comment below. Easy peasy. :)

Thanks to Lindsay at Penguin for the giveaway!

Winner will be announced Wednesday night.

Elizabeth Gilbert’s COMMITTED: A Love Story debuted at #1 on the New York Times hardcover bestseller list when it was published by Viking in January of 2010 and was also a USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times and Publishers Weekly bestseller. On February 1st, Penguin Books will release the book in paperback.

COMMITTED begins where Gilbert’s #1 New York Times bestseller Eat, Pray, Love ended—just after she fell in love with Felipe, a Brazilian-born man of Australian citizenship who’d been living in Bali when they met. Resettling in America, the couple swore eternal fidelity to each other, but also swore to never, ever, under any circumstances get legally married. (Both were skittish divorce survivors.) But providence intervened one day in the form of the U.S. government, which—after unexpectedly detaining Felipe at an American border crossing—gave the couple a choice: they could either get married, or Felipe would never be allowed to enter the country again.

Having been effectively sentenced to wed, Elizabeth and Felipe spent the next ten months wandering haphazardly across Asia, traveling with limited resources and waiting for word from their immigration lawyer as their case languished in bureaucratic uncertainty. Gilbert used this time to ponder the subject of romantic commitment, interviewing everyone from housewives in Vietnam and Thailand to family members and friends, and looking closely at how the institution of marriage has evolved to reflect our social needs and how it is so often intertwined with religion, politics, class, and money.

COMMITTED tells the story of one woman’s efforts to make peace with marriage before she enters its estate once more. Told with Gilbert’s trademark wit, intelligence, and compassion, it frankly discusses issues of compatibility, infatuation, fidelity, tradition, economic realities, divorce risks, and social expectations. Myths are debunked; fears are unthreaded; historical perspective is found; and romantic fantasies are ultimately exchanged for vital emotional compromises. In the end, Gilbert’s book is a clear-eyed celebration of the complexity and consequence that real love, in the real world, actually entails.

About the Author:
ELIZABETH GILBERT is an award-winning writer of both fiction and non-fiction. Her short story collection Pilgrims was a finalist for the PEN/Hemingway award, and her novel Stern Men was a New York Times notable book. Her 2002 book The Last American Man was a finalist for both the National Book Award and the National Book Critic’s Circle Award. Since its initial publication in January 2006, her #1 New York Times bestselling memoir Eat, Pray, Love has sold over 8 million copies and been published in forty languages. A film adaptation of the book came out this past August from Columbia Pictures with an all star cast: Julia Roberts as Gilbert, Javier Bardem as Felipe, James Franco as David, Billy Crudup as her ex-husband and Richard Jenkins as Richard from Texas. In 2008, Time magazine named Gilbert one of the one hundred most influential people in the world.

For more information on Elizabeth and her books, her website can be found here.

Elizabeth Gilbert will be touring to:

Portsmouth, NH * Raleigh * Asheville * Pawley’s Island, SC * Minneapolis * Milwaukee * Wichita Kansas City * Tulsa * Bergen, NJ






***crossing fingers that blog will let me post this***

Hachette Book Group has offered up a new giveaway for the month of December. Many thanks to HBG for sharing their books this Holiday season.

Like the previous giveaway, I have 3 sets of books so there will be 3 winners chosen.

Again, this will be easy to enter…just leave a comment telling me what your favorite Holiday reads are. :)

To find out more about the books, click the title and it’ll take you to the book info at HBG’s website. Click the author’s name and it’ll take you to their homepage so you can find out more about them and their books.

Happy Holidays & Happy Reading!

Giveaway starts today and will end on December 20th.

By Cara Elliott
Price: US$6.99/CA$8.99
ISBN: 9780446541299

By Jennifer Haymore
Price: US$6.99/CA$8.99
ISBN: 9780446540278

By Lilli Feisty
Price: US$6.99/CA$8.50
ISBN: 9780446541923

By Paula Quinn
Price: US$6.99/CA$8.50
ISBN: 9780446619134

Some guidelines –

-Only residents of the U.S. or Canada are eligible to win
-No P.O. Boxes, please.
-Giveaway copies will be sent directly to winners by the publisher, HBG.






New Giveaway up for grabs. :cheer2: Three winners will each win a set of these four books.

By Lisa Dale
Price: US$6.99/CA$8.99
ISBN: 9780446406901

By R.C. Ryan
Price: US$6.99/CA$8.99
ISBN: 9780446548618

By Jane Graves
Price: US$6.99/CA$8.50
ISBN: 9780446617871

By Sherrill Bodine
Price: US$6.99/CA$8.99
ISBN: 9780446543293

Giveaway will run from today until November 30th and winners will be announced December 1st.

Comment for the chance to win a set and let me know which of the four books you’re looking forward to reading the most.

Some guidelines —

-Only residents of the U.S. or Canada are eligible to win
-No P.O. Boxes, please.
-Giveaway copies will be sent directly to winners by the publisher, HBG.



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