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I just had this come through my email and felt the need to share. I love things like this. :) Author Ashley March has started a new company called Book Giveaways Today. Website says it starts up in April 2011. From her blog post, she says:

To those of you who are my readers: Don’t worry. I’m still writing books. This is just another passion of mine.

One night a while ago when I was up in the middle of the night with the baby, I had an idea. That idea has evolved into a project of mine called Book Giveaways Today (www.bookgiveawaystoday.com). Book Giveaways Today is the parent company/site, with 10 different subsidiary sites:

Romance Giveaways (www.romancegiveaways.com)

eRomance Giveaway (www.eromancegiveaways.com)

YA Giveaways (www.yagiveaways.com)

Fiction Giveaways (www.fictiongiveaways.com)

eFiction Giveaways (www.efictiongiveaways.com)

Non-Fiction Giveaways (www.nonfictiongiveaways.com)

Kids’ Book Giveaways (www.kidsbookgiveaways.com)

Christian Book Giveaways (www.christianbookgiveaways.com)

Christian Fiction Giveaways (www.christianfictiongiveaways.com)

Christian eFiction Giveaways (www.christianefictiongiveaways.com)

At each of the sites listed above, you will be able to enter every single day for a chance to win 9 books. That’s a total of 90 books! The best part is that there’s no registration, no logging in, etc. All you have to do is enter your email address for the book that you are interested in winning. Another great thing? All of the giveaways are open to international residents.

If you prefer to read e-books, there are three sites dedicated just to e-books: eRomance Giveaways, eFiction Giveaways, and ChristianeFictionGiveaways. In addition, print books and e-books will be offered on the other seven sites. Self-published books can be found on the three dedication e-book sites, and also in their own separate category on the other seven sites.

And another very important thing, which I feel really strongly about: 10% of any proceeds received by Book Giveaways Today through author promotions or advertisements goes to ProLiteracy to help the fight against illiteracy.

So why did I want to create Book Giveaways Today? When the idea first came to me, my first thought was that it would simply be awesome. 90 books a day? Yes, my name is Ashley, and I’m an overachiever. I ran the idea past a few of my readers, and received some very excited, enthusiastic feedback. That’s when I knew that others would think it was just as awesome as I did.

But when I continued thinking about the idea (meaning, when I finally got a full five hours asleep after I put the baby back to bed), I came up with three reasons why I wanted to do this.

1) Supporting Authors

As an author, I know how difficult it is to get our names and books out there in front of readers who are actually interested in the types of books we read. I wanted to create a platform where readers would come to the authors. If I created only one website, that didn’t give all types of authors a chance to interact with readers. By creating ten different websites with various sub-genres/categories on each site, people who like to read specific books can easily find the authors who write them. In addition, because I’m an author and know what our budgets look like, I wanted to create a promotional avenue that wasn’t cost-prohibitive.

2) Growing the Reading Community

If you’re a reader like me, you love free books. Who wouldn’t? And a chance to win the type of books you like to read every single day…? As I said above, that’s just plain awesome. But beyond the great opportunities readers have to win free books, my dream is for readers to tell others about what they’re reading, to write reviews, to spread information about the books they win through word of mouth. I want Book Giveaways Today to spark a reading community throughout the world, larger than the one we already have.

To that end, each site will include online book clubs for each category inside that site. (For example, in Romance Giveaways, there will be book clubs for historical romance, paranormal romance, contemporary romance, etc.) This way, people who don’t have an opportunity or the time to join a book club in their city can come together and discuss books with other fellow readers. The books chosen each month for the book clubs are chosen by you–when you enter to win a book each day, after you read about that book (including an excerpt), you’ll be able to nominate that book for the next month’s book club. The book in that category that has the most nominations becomes the next month’s book club. This way, the book isn’t just a random title selected by Book Giveaways Today; it’s a book that most of the readers thought looked interesting and decided they wanted to invest their time and money (if they didn’t win it!) to discuss it online.

And because I love giving things away (as those of you who follow me on Facebook already know), each site will feature a readers rewards program: the more you interact in the online book clubs and the other future programs we’re planning, the more points you receive. And when you get a certain number of points, you can earn a prize. Think of it like your grocery store club card–only a lot, lot better.

3) Fighting Illiteracy

As I mentioned above, 10% of all proceeds through author promotions and advertising will go toward fighting illiteracy by donations to ProLiteracy. This simply makes sense to me. If one of the goals of Book Giveaways Today is to grow the reading community, then the best way we can do this is by helping others learn how to read. I know some people choose not to read, but I think everyone wants to read should be able to.

And that’s about it: Supporting Authors. Growing the Reading Community. Fighting Illiteracy.

The first site to be launched will be Romance Giveaways, coming in April 2011. If you’re a romance reader, be sure to sign up for the launch notification on www.romancegiveaways.com. Also, you can follow Romance Giveaways on Facebook and have a chance to win one book every day (soon it will be 9 books each day in April!).

If you’re an author, publisher, or advertiser interested in learning how you can promote with Book Giveaways Today, you can email me at: ashley@bookgiveawaystoday.com.

Thanks for reading about my new project!

How cool does this sound? I wish I had thought of something like this but am very happy to help get the word out for Ashley. So go! Go sign up for the newsletter. Sign up for whatever genre grabs your attention. Have fun & Good Luck! :) You can also find them at Twitter and on Facebook.






  • 4 Lillies Reviews

It was just another scandalous night…

Gambling. Carousing. Flirting. Charlotte, Duchess of Rutherford, will do anything to create a scandal large enough to force her husband to finally petition for a divorce. Once madly in love with Philip, she is now determined to escape from their less than civil marriage and the reminders of his betrayal.

Until he stole her away…

Philip Burgess, Duke of Rutherford, is not a man to tolerate regrets. He wed Charlotte for revenge, not for love or convenience, knowing she would come to hate him. But he never expected he would one day find himself craving her attention or desiring her company….

And gave her something more…

Philip is no longer the cold, deceitful man she married years ago. And when he promises Charlotte a divorce if she will help him become a better husband for another woman, she wonders if she truly wants to lose him—and if Philip may still possess her heart after all…

One of the books on my Fall Into Reading 2010 challenge list. The book/blurb grabbed me when I saw it listed in the Penguin catalog months ago. Since the release date was close to the start of Callapidder’s Fall Into Reading 2010 challenge, I made sure to put it on my list. The premise intrigued me as one of my favorite themes in romance books is marriage-in-trouble.

I’m usually not a fan of flashbacks in books but this one needed it to set up the backstory for readers because of how it started. Heroine’s brother basically stole the hero’s fiancee and as revenge, the hero set out to make the heroine fall in love with him. Worked perfectly as the heroine really thought he loved her. It wasn’t until their wedding night that he told her the true reason he married her. He wanted to hurt her brother and she was the quickest way to do that.

Charlotte spends the next couple of years being as scandalous as possible with the hope that Philip will divorce her and release her from their marriage. Philip has others ideas. Now that she hates his guts, he’s actually fallen in love with her and makes a deal with her. Help him be a better husband (she’s told so he can marry someone else) and he’ll give her the divorce she wants. Not that he has plans to do that. He just wants her back in his house so he can work on getting her to forgive him so they can move on.

The flashbacks were essential in letting us see how they first got together and how quickly it went from love to hate. It explained Charlotte’s behavior and we got to see the hero’s POV as he went about winning her back.

I like that she didn’t make things easy for him and he had to do some work to get her back. I like that she didn’t just let him get away with what he did just because he was a Duke. On the other hand, I didn’t like that he took so long in coming for her. Nor did I like that most of the flashbacks were in his POV. This could have easily made it on my Keeper Shelf if the one scene I wanted was in her POV and not his. We were told how she reacted on their wedding night from his thoughts but we never “saw” it from Charlotte’s POV and I really think it would have been a very emotional scene had that been included.

For a debut book, this came close to almost being perfect for me and I look forward to seeing what else Ashley March has in store for us.






Every year Callapidder Days does a Fall Into Reading Challenge and every year, although I never seem to make it through my list, I find myself joining. This year is no different. :cheerleader: It’s fun for me to see how close I stick to my lists or if I completely veer off into another direction. This year, I’ve made my lists a mixture of several genres, just to see what happens at the end of this challenge.

In no order, the books I want to read for the next three months are:

It was just another scandalous night…

Gambling. Carousing. Flirting. Charlotte, Duchess of Rutherford, will do anything to create a scandal large enough to force her husband to finally petition for a divorce. Once madly in love with Philip, she is now determined to escape from their less than civil marriage and the reminders of his betrayal.

Until he stole her away…

Philip Burgess, Duke of Rutherford, is not a man to tolerate regrets. He wed Charlotte for revenge, not for love or convenience, knowing she would come to hate him. But he never expected he would one day find himself craving her attention or desiring her company….

And gave her something more…

Philip is no longer the cold, deceitful man she married years ago. And when he promises Charlotte a divorce if she will help him become a better husband for another woman, she wonders if she truly wants to lose him—and if Philip may still possess her heart after all…

The Kelly Group International (KGI): A super elite, top secret, family-run business.
Qualifications: High intelligence, rock hard body, military background.
Mission: Hostage/kidnap victim recovery. Intelligence gathering. Handling jobs the US government can’t…

Sam Kelly was her first love.

The last person Sam Kelly expected to pull wounded from the lake was Sophie Lundgren. Once they shared a brief, intense affair while Sam was undercover and then she vanished. She’s spent the last months on the run, knowing that any mistake would cost her life and that of her unborn child—Sam’s child. Now she’s resurfaced with a warning for Sam: this time, he’s the one in danger.

Now he’s her last chance.

Sam has too many questions to let her slip away again—like why she disappeared in the first place. This time he vows not to be seduced. But one look in her eyes, and the passion burns again, and Sam knows he’ll do anything to keep her and his child safe. However, Sophie’s dark past is more dangerous than he imagines, and the only way for either to survive it is to outrun it.


Ella Tipton is a survivor. In the wake of an attack that left her nearly dead, she’s spent each day putting her life back together. Once vibrant and outgoing, she’s needed to reclaim the best parts of who she was while retaining the hard won lessons. There hasn’t been room for any romantic entanglements, even if she were ready. Still, it didn’t mean she had to stop sneaking looks at Mister Tall, Dark and Tattooed himself.

Security professional Andrew Copeland isn’t quite sure when his jones for the lovely and decidedly skittish Ella developed. He’s known her for years, has watched her triumph over the pain she’d been dealt. Cope is no stranger to women, but he knows the nervous flush he gets every time he talks to her is different than any attraction he’s had in the past. Determined to get Ella to let him in, Andy does the one thing he can think of to get close: he offers her hands-on training in self-defense.

While Ella’s sure he’s just being nice, the prospect of being able to touch him and gain the tools to push away the last vestiges of her fear is more than she can resist. Soon enough, Cope shows Ella his feelings are far more than friendly and re-ignites something deep inside her. Before long desire and love turn them both inside out.

Katie Long was supposed to be undercover. She was just supposed to watch Deputy Prosecutor Eric Kimura at his ex’s wedding and gather intel on his campaign for prosecutor. But he’s a lot hotter in person, and the kind of intel they accidentally shared in the hotel bathroom might lose both of them their jobs. Especially since it seems to be a recurring incident. Is it possible for a one-night stand to last ten days?

Kimura isn’t usually the impulsive type. He’s driven, he’s ambitious, and he knows what he wants—a respectable future in Hawaii politics. Which means wild half-public sex with a beautiful stranger in a short little caterer’s skirt is just tabloid fodder waiting to happen. Conveniently, just as his campaign is coming under attack. Sabotage, media gossip, and an insatiable desire for a woman he just met? If he’s not careful, Counselor Kimura might lose all control…

Thirteen stories up. Two broken hearts. One last chance…

Surgeon Grant Sullivan’s once-perfect life lies in ruins. His daughter is gone—lost in a tragic accident he dare not allow himself to remember—and his beautiful wife now stares at him from across a legal table, insisting she wants nothing from him.

Julia Sullivan lost everything, especially her illusions about her marriage, after the accident. Her grief only seemed to drive Grant further into his emotional shell—except for the nights he turned to her in silent, furious passion. Unable to live like a ghost in her old life, she’s packed up what’s left of her broken heart and is ready to move on. Alone.

Determined to break their stalemate, Grant follows Julia onto the elevator just in time for an earthquake. Trapped for hours in a building pressure cooker of unspoken pain, he’ll do anything to remind her what she’s leaving behind, as deliciously as he can. But giving her what she needs to save their marriage is the one thing that could destroy his soul.

Second in the trilogy that’s captured America’s heart.

Ever since she claimed Harmony, Texas, as her home, eighteen-year-old Reagan Truman finds herself drawn to others who have made their way here. Shaped by the loneliness she’s known most of her life, Reagan has finally found a place she belongs—and doesn’t want anything to get in her way. But when her life is put in jeopardy and the whole town comes together to save her, she’ll discover that learning to trust the love that’s come into our hearts is the greatest gift of all.


One rain-slicked night, six-year-old Holly lost the only parent she knew, her beloved mother Victoria. And since that night, she has never again spoken a word.


The last thing Mark Nolan needs is a six-year-old girl in his life. But he soon realizes that he will do everything he can to make her life whole again. His sister’s will gives him the instructions: There’s no other choice but you. Just start by loving her. The rest will follow.


Maggie Collins doesn’t dare believe in love again, after losing her husband of one year. But she does believe in the magic of imagination. As the owner of a toy shop, she lives what she loves. And when she meets Holly Nolan, she sees a little girl in desperate need of a little magic.


Three lonely people. Three lives at the crossroads. Three people who are about to discover that Christmas is the time of year when anything is possible, and when wishes have a way of finding the path home…

Heartthrob bounty hunter Greg King knows how to work it—and he knows that he can have any woman he wants. But there’s more to Greg than meets the eye…and he’s still haunted by the memory of his beautiful, estranged wife. Much as he’s tried to move on, he’s never been able to stopstopped wondering why Haley left him. Or what he could have done to make their marriage better—and make her stay…

After putting a vicious criminal behind bars, Haley King had no choice but to leave her loved ones behind and enter the witness protection program. Turns out that, in her new life, Haley has once again found herself in serious trouble—and needs help from the only person she can trust: her husband. Now, as old secrets threaten to tear them apart and danger closes in from all sides, it’s up to Greg to keep Haley safe…and convince her that this time, he’s playing for keeps.

The first in a new series about four soldiers back from war, and forced to adapt to a new world

The estranged youngest son of an earl, Gabriel Renfrew earned glory and honor on the battlefield, but now, without purpose, he finds himself deliberately courting danger. One night he races his horse along a death-defying moonlit cliff—and stumbles upon a beautiful woman obviously in need of saving…

A princess on the run, Callie has disguised herself and her son, the Crown Prince, as commoners, hoping to protect him from those intent on stealing the throne. She has no choice but to trust the handsome ex-officer who’s come to her rescue, even when he insists that only a marriage of convenience will provide her the ultimate protection. Can her new husband keep Callie and her son safe from assassins? And what will he do to her heart?

What’s a girl to do when she’s secretly in love with a friend and he’s married to someone else? She gets over it. That’s what Amy Parker has done. Rather than lose her best bud Quinn Whitfield with an ill-timed, crazy confession of affection, she’s taken the smart route. She’s eased away from him. Just enough to get past the unrequited bits. And you know, it’s working.

Until the day Quinn announces he’s now single. That’s right. He’s single. And he wants to hang out. With her. Get reconnected the way they used to be.

Oh, this is so not good for Amy’s equilibrium. Daily doses of Quinn remind her of everything she loves about him. But if he’s free…and she’s free…well, maybe the time has come for one of those crazy confessions.

If you go casting love spells, be careful what you wish for.

Spells, Secrets and Seductions, Book 1

Rhiannon Sparks admits she’s not a very good witch—she can’t even light a candle without a match—but she keeps trying. At least her talent for business has made her magick shop a huge success. Now if only there was even the faintest flicker in her nonexistent love life.

During a night of eating and drinking, she and her girlfriends cast a candle-magick spell for hot sex. All in good fun, of course. Except Rhiannon accidentally mixes up the words. Instead of a lover, she asks for true love.

Deputy Ryland Stone’s past keeps him firmly rooted in reality. Then he meets Rhiannon and sparks literally fly. One date leads to another, and then they’re practically setting the bedroom on fire…until she reveals the deal breaker.

Though love and magick have found Rhiannon at last, getting a handle on her newly unleashed power is the least of her problems. Unless Ryland accepts that magick exists, he will never accept her for who and what she is.

Two sizzling-hot authors. One incendiary volume. Four can play at this game…

In Pillow Talk by Maya Banks, Zoe is a woman in a committed relationship with her boyfriend Chase. Then one night, Chase reveals his number-one fantasy, which involves his two best buddies. Is Zoe game? She sure is, because it opens the door for a secret fantasy all her own.

In Shayla Black’s Her Fantasy Men, a girly-girl named Kelsey plays football, craves action movies, and loves knocking back a cold beer with her three best friends-all male. Yet she’s never seemed sexually interested in any one of these hot guys. So what does Kelsey want? A fantasy come true for all four of them.


Sold. With one word, Lady Elena Ravenscliffe’s destiny changes forever. Forced into Constantinople’s slave market to pay off her late husband’s debts and save her son, Elena reinvents herself as Jinan—a harem girl adored by the rich lords who bid on her favors. But one man instantly sees through her façade.


Griffin Summerfield, Marquess of Rothburn, let Elena slip through his fingers years ago. When he recognizes her on the auction block, he pays an outrageous sum to possess her even if it is for a short period of time. But when his deadline looms, Griffin will risk all in a desperate bid to make her his—and his alone…

I know what they see when they look at me. The charming, soft-spoken dragoness bred from the most powerful of royal bloodlines. A disguise stronger than any battle shield that allows me to keep all suitors at tail’s length. A technique that’s worked until him. Until Ragnar the Cunning, handsome barbarian warlord and warrior mage from the desolate Northlands. Unlike those who’ve come before him, he does not simply submit to my astounding charm and devastating smile. Instead, he dismisses me as vapid, useless and, to my great annoyance, rather stupid!

Yet I’ll allow no male to dismiss me. Soon he’ll learn my worth, my many skills, and the strength of my will. For this one challenges me enough to make me want to ruthlessly taunt him, tease him and, finally, when the trap is set, bring him to his knees.

A ruthless killer hides in plain sight, someone no one believes is capable of murder. Within a week, six women will be murdered, all punished for their dark pasts. Detective Dani Cole is determined to track down this serial killer whose victims include a young woman she pulled out of a life of crime. Her investigation leads her to a photography foundation and the renowned photographer Mitch Sheridan, a man she she fell in love with years ago but has tried to forget. Dani and Mitch are instantly attracted to each other again, though their troubled pasts keep them from getting too close. Together, through the course of the investigation, they unearth a dark chain of deception that leads to a killer who is closer than they think.

First in a breathtaking new series, the bold and passionate Lucan MacLeod – one of three brothers cursed by dark magic for eternity – is driven by desire for the one woman he dare not let himself possess…


He is magnificently strong — and dangerously seductive. One of the fiercest of his clan, Lucan MacLeod is a legend among warriors, inspiring fear in man and woman alike. For three hundred years, he has locked himself away from the world, hiding the vengeful god imprisoned in his soul. But then, a young lass caught in a raging storm awakens his deepest impulses…and darkest desires.


Cara doesn’t believe the rumors about MacLeod castle—until the majestic Highland warrior appears like a fiery vision in the storm, pulling her into his powerful arms, and into his world of magic and Druids. An epic war between good and evil is brewing. And Lucan must battle his all-consuming attraction for Cara—or surrender to the flames of a reckless, impossible love that threatens to destroy them both…

Maddie Moore’s whole life needs a makeover.

In one fell swoop, Maddie loses her boyfriend (her decision) and her job (so not her decision). But rather than drowning her sorrows in bags of potato chips, Maddie leaves L.A. to claim the inheritance left by her free-spirited mother-a ramshackle inn nestled in the little coastal town of Lucky Harbor, Washington.

Starting over won’t be easy. Yet Maddie sees the potential for a new home and a new career-if only she can convince her two half-sisters to join her in the adventure. But convincing Tara and Chloe will be difficult because the inn needs a big makeover too.

The contractor Maddie hires is a tall, dark-haired hottie whose eyes-and mouth-are making it hard for her to remember that she’s sworn off men. Even harder will be Maddie’s struggles to overcome the past, though she’s about to discover that there’s no better place to call home than Lucky Harbor.

After learning that she will not survive beyond the year’s end, prim and lovely Marguerite Laurent intends to live her remaining days to the very fullest. But hours before embarking upon a grand adventure with a former admirer, Marguerite is abducted by an unscrupulous rogue — who boldly announces his intentions to bed and wed her before the week is out!

Ash Courtland wants revenge, but his backstabbing business partner’s bewitching daughter isn’t about to surrender her innocence to the infuriating — if shockingly attractive — cad who took her captive. Yet Ash’s touch makes her tremble with desire…and resisting the heat of his passion could cost Marguerite her last, best chance for ecstasy.

Wish me luck! :banana:

ETA: If you want to check out the authors’ websites, feel free to click on the covers. Each cover is linked to the author’s website. :-)



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