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LONE RIDER by Lauren Bach
Copyright: November 2001 (So long ago that it looks like the author no longer has a website)
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Series: N/A
Source: Purchased it when it was first released. (yes, it’s been in the TBR for almost 10 years!)



A deserted stretch of highway, a young woman stranded in a fancy car, and the sound of motorcycles in the black night….Tess Marsh’s cross-country trip ends all too suddenly when Dallas Haynes finds her. From his sexy bedroom eyes to his black leather jacket and dusty jeans, he spells trouble, but so does the nasty-looking biker gang that surrounds them. Within minutes, Tess is on the back of Dallas’s Harley, and at the mercy of a man who breaks through all of her defenses and makes her want him–good or bad, right or wrong.


Dallas’s mission doesn’t need another complication, yet from the moment he sees her he wants her with a rough, hungry passion that can hurt them both. Claiming her and abducting her is the only way to protect her from the gang. Then all hell breaks loose, and Dallas and Tess are on the run with no place to hide–except in each other’s arms.

Found this book in my TBR the other day when I went looking through my stash for MOUTH TO MOUTH by Erin McCarthy because it was mentioned on Twitter the other night when recommended reads came up. I knew I had it in the TBR so I went looking for it. Found LONE RIDER instead. The TBR, she’s out of control. :badgirl: This ended up being my first read for Wendy’s TBR Challenge of the year.

I vaguely remember buying this not long after it was released because it was getting a lot of buzz online on the loops. Not sure why it sat in the TBR this long, though.

I have this thing about lone women getting stranded on the side of the road in the middle of the night. I always wonder, “Do you not check before you go on a road trip to make sure you have enough gas?” I don’t know why but this is like a huge pet peeve of mine. Yes, I know its fiction (I do!) but there’s that part in me that just can’t stop from asking that question when I see it happen in books. It’s just a huge :huh: moment for me.

Anyhoo, not long after Dallas saves Tess from the side of the road and takes her to his cabin hideout, we find out that Dallas Haynes is not what he appears to be. He’s actually an undercover FBI in the biker gang to get the information he needs to be able to bring down the leader. We know that but Tess does not. She thinks he’s what he looks like…a bad-ass biker who claimed her for his own to save her from one of the other bikers.

There were a few things that bugged me about this book.

1. That Tess, even though Dallas wasn’t really a bad guy, slept with him without protection. Hello? Seriously? You don’t know him from Adam but you have sex with him without protection?
2. That she didn’t stop to connect the dots about Dallas before his “unveiling”. Was she really that clueless?

I wouldn’t say this is a book I’ll ever reread again but it was an OK read for me. Nothing really stood out. Just found it to be a blah read. Filled with suspense and keeps you guessing until the end, LONE RIDER gets a 3 from me.



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