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New to me author whose new book releases today. Sounds good, no? :)

Blood on Silk, An Awakened by Blood Novel, Available 7th September 2010 from NAL Signet Eclipse. (Trade Paperback)

Scottish academic Elizabeth Silk is spending the summer in Romania researching historical superstitions for her PhD. While she is tracing local foktales, one subject in particular sparks her imagination. His name is Saloman, legend’s most powerful vampire, a seductive prince staked centuries ago. Now, in the ruins of a castle crypt, Elizabeth discovers the legends are real. Her blood has awakened him. Her innocence has aroused him. But Elizabeth unleashes more than Saloman’s hunger.

An army of vampire hunters has amassed to send Saloman back to hell. Sworn to help – yet fearing Saloman’s deadly blood lust – Elizabeth seeks to entrap him, offering her body as bait. But something stronger than dread, more powerful than revenge, is uniting Elizabeth to her prey. Caught between desire and rage, Elizabeth must decide where her loyalties lie…and what the limits are to a yearning she can no longer control.






I’ve got this on order for next week. Love the cover! For more info and to read an excerpt, visit Shiloh’s website here.






*****Contest is closed. Winners have been chosen.*****


Later this month (September 28th) sees the print release of DARK SLAYER by Christine Feehan. Included are deleted scenes that weren’t in the hardcover. As I haven’t read the hardcover and am not up to date with this series, I can’t tell you more than that. All I know is that there are deleted scenes in the paperback that weren’t in the hardcover. :biggrin_wp:

On with the giveaway, it starts today, September 5th, and will run until Sunday, September 26th. All you have to do is leave a comment letting me know what your favorite book/series is by Feehan. I’m looking to broaden my reading horizons and can use any and all recommendations. :mrgreen_wp:

There will be five winners total but sadly, this giveaway is only open to those in the US & Canada.

A rumor has persisted in the vampire world of a dark slayer—a woman—who travels with a wolf pack and who destroys any vampire who crosses her path. Mysterious, elusive and seemingly impossible to kill, she is the one hunter who strikes terror into the hearts of the undead.

She is Ivory Malinov. Her only brethren, the wolves. Long ago betrayed by her people, abandoned by her family, and cast out by everyone she held dear, Ivory has lived a century without companionship or love. She has sustained her sanity by the habit of the hunt and the custom of the feeding. Until the night she picks up the scent of a man, her unexpected salvation. Her lifemate. The curse of all Carpathian women.

He is Razvan. Branded a criminal, detested and feared, he is a dragonseeker borne of one of the greatest Carpathian lineages, only to be raised as its most despised—and captive—enemy. Fleeing from his lifetime of imprisonment, Razvan now seeks the dawn to end his terrible existence. Instead he has found his deliverance in the Dark Slayer.

In spirit, in flesh and blood, in love, and in war, Ivory and Razvan are made for each other. For as long as they dare to live.



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