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Copyright: November 2011
Publisher: Berkley Sensation
Series: Harmony, Book #3
Source: TBR

In Harmony, Texas, twenty-year-old Reagan Truman has found her place, and found her family. But with her uncle taken ill and her friend Noah lost and disheartened with his life, Reagan is afraid of ending up alone again, and she’s not the only one. When a terrible storms threatens the town, the residents of Harmony are forced to think about what they really want. Because making the connections they so desperately desire means putting their hearts at risk…

From my notes at GoodReads:

March 2012 —

Had to DNF it. One of the secondary characters was just ruining the book for me which is sad as I read and enjoyed the first 2 books in this series. I just couldn’t get past her actions and her treatment of another character.

ETA — 4/11/12

Have been in a weird reading mood. Went back and read/skimmed the rest of this one last night. Still hated Claire and her attitude towards Denver and how she was just using him for sex while he, the sucker, seemed to really love her.

There were 4 or 5 different stories going on. Ronny & Marty. Reagan & Noah. Claire & Denver. (If you can even call their story a “relationship”. Tyler & Kate.

We can go ahead and mark off Reagan & Noah because both were 20? 21? Too young to really decide anything more than the back and forth that was going on between them.

Claire & Denver, skimmed through most of their scenes after Claire annoyed me so much.

Tyler & Kate, didn’t think they’d ever decide to finally take the next time and make the choice to go to the next step, the emails, will she reply, when will she reply, were getting old, seriously old. Almost to the point of wanting Tyler to just move the heck on and just forget about her.

Then we have Ronny & Marty. Ronny is 26? Lives at home and her mother is the rudest person alive, IMO. The way she treats her daughter is horrible. Ronny grew up basically not wanting to be noticed. Didn’t talk much, hated to be touched, etc. Marty was 30? Had been in a accident that put him in a wheelchair and he was grumpy at first. But they met one day when Ronny delivered the mail to his apartment. They struck up a friendship where they would have lunch once a week where Marty would give Ronny “lessons” (kissing lessons to begin with) and it seemed the book was focusing on their relationship, even though each chapter was about one of the couples.

The last 10% of the book had a storm come through, blah blah blah. Tyler & Kate decide to marry (Thank you, God, they finally decide to take that step after 4 years of being friends). Noah decides to tell Reagan to wait for him until he was done from being part of the rodeo. Said he saw them married with 3 kids blah blah blah. Claire & Denver? Honestly, I have no idea what happened with them. Was hoping the storm would snatch Claire away like the wicked witch she was and just make her go *poof*, that’s how much I cared about her.

Then we have Ronny & Marty. Ronny was injured one night and ended up at Marty’s place where he helped take care of her injured leg. She ended up falling asleep on his bed and by the time she got home, her mom had basically called her trash and kicked her out (or Ronny may have just walked out before she kicked her out). After the storm, Ronny goes to Marty’s to see him and he’s not there. Somehow he’s moved out, something having to do with his father, but he’s not there when she goes and she ends up renting his place for herself. The book ends with her finding a paper that Marty left for her saying “Grow”. No goodbye. No nothing, just “Grow” and the book ends. Just like that.

I’m slightly puzzled. I know the previous two books also featured several storylines but we went in knowing who the h/h of each book was. This one, I thought it was about Ronny & Marty but the ending confused the hell out of me and my skimming most of it didn’t help any but damn, I couldn’t take much of Claire. Does this mean Ronny & the absent Marty will be in book 4? I have no clue and right now I’m very leery about giving that one a try. Might have to wait a bit before I dive into that one.

I hate to say that because this one came off reading as WF (Women’s Fiction) to me when the first two did not have that vibe at all. I don’t know yet which category book 4, JUST DOWN THE ROAD, will fall under. I would have said both WELCOME TO HARMONY (Book 1) and SOMEWHERE ALONG THE WAY (Book 2) fell under romance, loved the small town feel to them but this one, for me, it fell under Women’s Fiction. No real romance, and no, I do not count Claire and Denver’s “relationship” as romance. I’d say they were just f*ck buddies for the most part. The rest of it was just…way too sugary sweet for me.




   Still Around



This is the first time I’ve logged into this blog since my last post, which was on March 1, 2011. It’s been 13 months since I’ve posted here. A week after my last post, I answered a knock on my door, at 3:30am, to be told by the officers at my door that my husband had been shot and killed in a robbery as he was closing up for the night to come home. That was on March 8. Everything is still a blur about that time. What I do remember are the few days before his death. I remember my 18 year old daughter coming back from her senior trip to New York with her classmates on March 3. I remember my 12, almost 13 year old daughter had a doctor appointment on March 6 for her latest infusion at the Children’s Hospital. Since the hospital is an hour and a half away and it was an early morning appointment, we left on March 5 to stay in a nearby hotel. I remember calling my husband and telling him we were on our way and I’d check in when we got there. I remember talking with my husband on the phone later that night to let him know we had made it to the hotel OK. I also remember calling him the next day to tell him we had made it home and the appointment went fine, no real issues popping up for us to worry about. I remember he told me he was busy with a line of customers waiting to buy Lottery tickets and that he would call me when he had a free moment. That was Sunday, the 6th. I ended up falling asleep before he came home that night and was so exhausted from the long day infusion the day before that I was still sleeping when he left for work on Monday, the 7th.

Monday was my usual running-around-doing-errands day after I took the girls to school. I don’t remember what all I did that day but I do remember thinking to myself that I needed to call him and see what he was doing. Just our usual checking in with each other. I don’t remember why but I do remember when I answered that door that I never did do it that day and he must have been swamped at work that day because he also didn’t get the chance to check in with me.

I remember having a weird feeling that night. The later it got, the weirder the feeling became. I knew his hours. I knew on the weekends what time he closed and I knew what time he closed on the weekdays. I remember looking at the time and seeing it was 12:30am and thinking any minute now he’ll walk through the door. Once it hit 1:30am, I thought maybe one of his friends had stopped off at the store and he was just running late in getting home. I called and the machine picked up. At 2:00am, I was calling every 5-10 minutes and still the machine was the only thing picking up. My husband was one of those people that hated cell phones and didn’t want one. He always said if he wasn’t at home, he was at work & if he went somewhere else, I was with him and since I had a phone, he didn’t need one. Around 2:30am, I changed clothes and went looking for him. Last time I had done that we ended up meeting each other at the stop sign at the end of the street and we got into an argument because he said I was worrying “for nothing.” That the customers/neighborhood knew him to be “crazy” and although there had been robberies going on in the neighborhood off and on for the last few years, he was sure no one would mess with him because he didn’t take any gruff from anyone. My response to that was “there’s going to be a day where someone is going to be “crazier” than you and yes, when you don’t come home at the time I know you should be there, I worry.” That night I made it all the way to the stop sign again and then made myself come back home. I kept saying to myself that he would be home soon. Less than an hour later, the knock came. Just like that, because of cowards who were willing to take instead of working for what they needed/wanted, our lives changed forever.

They still haven’t caught the guys who did this. We still know nothing about why it was done. I’ve heard several different stories about what happened but until the person or persons who did it are caught, we don’t really know anything. I will say there have been some good days and some not so good days since it happened. With four girls, each one is going to react a different way and not at the same time so while one could be having a good day, another could be having the worst day ever so it’s hard at times. I’ve heard “It’s not fair!!” a lot in recent months and yes, it isn’t fair and as much as I want to change things, nothing can go back to the way it was and the “what ifs” could drive a person insane if allowed that access and I try not to let the What Ifs take over. Family and friends have been constant in our lives and for that they have my gratitude forever.






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When I first had my friend Dee design this blog for me, I told her I wanted icons to be able to use on the blog. For reviews and such. I loved what she and her husband made for me but I always felt I needed one to portray my feelings when I read something that didn’t work for me at all. I think her hubby got it with this icon…I love it! What do you think?

I think I need to think of some more icons for her hubby to make me…these are so cool! :)






Today was a huge day in book releases…at least it seemed like that to me. :) My newest possessions, some for my Amazon Kindle and some from Books-A-Million, include —

HIDDEN AWAY by Maya Banks
Copyright: March 2011
Publisher: Berkley Sensation
Series: KGI Series Book 3
Format: Kindle copy & paperback

The Kelly Group International (KGI): A super elite, top secret, family-run business.

Qualifications: High intelligence, rock hard body, military background.

Mission: Hostage/kidnap victim recovery. Intelligence gathering. Handling jobs the US government can’t…

A man who shoots first and asks questions later…

Most people would take an all-expenses-paid trip to the beach in a heartbeat. Garrett Kelly only accepts to keep tabs on Sarah Daniels, who’s in hiding after witnessing a murder by Marcus Lattimer, her half-brother—and a personal enemy of KGI. This gig may be beneath a disciplined soldier like Garrett, but if he gets a shot at Lattimer, it will all be worth it…

…and the ultimate moving target.

But Garrett hadn’t counted on falling for Sarah. He’d considered seduction as a tactical maneuver, but when he glimpses Sarah’s dark past, he feels an urgent desire to keep her safe—even after she disappears on him. Garrett doesn’t know exactly who, or what, Sarah’s running from, but whatever it is, she’s running for her life…

ANY WICKED THING by Margaret Rowe
Copyright: March 2011
Publisher: Berkley Heat
Series: N/A
Format: Kindle copy

One disastrous night…

At twenty-one, Sebastian Goddard, heir to the duke of Roxbury, desperately sought diversion from a life smothered by peerage and position. His quest led him to one night of reckless passion, resulting in betrayal by his oldest friend Frederica Wells, and the discovery of his father’s darkest secret. Reeling from the devastation, he embarked on a ten-year debauch that well earned him the nickname–”Lord of Sin.”

One delicious bargain…

Now Sebastian has returned to find his late father’s estate in ruins and Freddie more seductive than ever. He’s determined to drive her from Goddard Castle to pay her back for her deception and to protect his own dark secret. But Freddie makes him an offer he can’t resist…she’ll be his mistress for a month if he’ll consent to sell her the crumbling castle afterward.

Everything he could desire…

The Lord of Sin plans to shock and scandalize Freddie—to tease her every desire and leave her wanting. But his fiery-willed lover soon teaches him the past may not be what it seemed, the present more tempting than he could have imagined, and the future filled with more promise than he dared dream. For thirty-one nights is not nearly enough when you’ve been given a license to do any wicked thing…

CRAZY FOR LOVE by Victoria Dahl
Copyright: July 2010
Publisher: Harlequin
Series: N/A
Format: Kindle copy (Am on a Dahl binge & thought this was already in TBR but couldn’t find it so fixed that today.)

Chloe Turner thought she was going to marry the perfect man—until her fiancé’s plane crashed. And then she got the really bad news: he’d tried to fake his own death to avoid marrying her. Now America’s most famous bridezilla (a tag she most definitely does not deserve), Chloe escapes to a remote island to avoid the paparazzi. And right next door is a man who just might be the cure for Chloe’s heartache….

A magnet for wild, complicated women, Max Sullivan is relieved to have finally found someone “normal.” Chloe is his girl-next-door fantasy come to life, and best of all, she gets him. With her, he can be himself, a treasure-hunting millionaire who desperately wants out of his sexy but reckless job. But when Chloe’s notoriety catches up with them, will their torrid romance make it to the mainland?

A LOT LIKE LOVE by Julie James
Copyright: March 2011
Publisher: Berkley Sensation
Series: Works as a stand alone just fine but characters from SOMETHING ABOUT YOU appear in this one too.
Format: Kindle copy & paperback after getting an ARC from publisher a few months ago.


As the daughter of a billionaire and the owner of the city’s top wine store, Jordan Rhodes is invited to the most exclusive parties in Chicago. But there’s only one party the FBI wants to crash: the charity fundraiser of a famous restaurateur, who also happens to launder money for the mob. In exchange for her brother’s release from prison, Jordan is going to be there—with a date supplied by the Bureau.


As the top undercover agent in Chicago, Nick McCall has one rule: never get personal. This “date” with Jordan Rhodes is merely an assignment—one they’re both determined to pull off even if they can’t be together for five minutes before the sarcasm and sparks begin to fly. But when Nick’s investigation is compromised, he and Jordan have no choice but to pretend they’re a couple, and what starts out as a simple assignment begins to feel a lot like something more. . .

Copyright: March 2011
Publisher: HCI
Series: True Vows Series
Format: Print copy.

HelenKay Dimon puts her hot pen to paper to tell the breathtaking, sizzling true love story of Victoria Sinclair, lead anchor of Naked News Network, as she finally exposes all: her true identity, do-tell drama behind the camera, and the whimsical courtship that inspired it all.

When Canada’s Naked News lead anchor chose her stage name as “Victoria Sinclair” and debuted her risqué take on global headlines, little did she know that millions of viewers would soon tune-in to watch her alter-ego artfully disrobe in front of the camera. But behind every alter-ego is a real person, often carefully hidden from public view, and there’s much that ‘Victoria’ is hiding …

Raised in a family of artists and intellectuals, the young Victoria-to-be excelled in school—as well as in the tutorials of her exotic grandmother who felt she should know how to hold court in a salon . . . and a bedroom, when the time came. Which it does in high school, compliments of a handsome, talented scrapper named Paul who gives his heart, body, and soul to her—only to be devastated when he loses the girl he’s crazy for to dreams and ambitions too big for their small Canadian town to contend with.

Those ambitions are realized in Toronto as she climbs the corporate ladder—and falls under the seductive spell of an older, worldly man who orchestrates her transformation from a shy brainiac in a business suit into a sensual siren named Victoria Sinclair. With a come-hither voice and seemingly nothing to lose but her clothes, Victoria isn’t as easy in her own skin as a growing legion of fans believe her to be. Victoria’s got a secret—actually a few. So when a twist of fate brings Paul back into her life, will he even recognize the girl she once was?

Will she?

Copyright: March 2011
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Series: Highland Series Book #3
Format: Kindle copy.

Ruined, betrayed, and banished…

As brave as she is impulsive, Deidre Chattan’s tendency to follow her heart and not her head has finally tarnished her reputation beyond repair. But when powerful Highland Laird Quinton Cameron finds her, he could care less about her past—it’s her future he’s about to change forever…

But it’s never too late for redemption…

From the moment Quinton sets eyes on Deidre Chattan, rational thought vanishes, for in her eyes he sees a fiery spirit that matches his own and he’ll be damned if he’ll let such a wild Scottish rose wither under the weight of a nun’s habit…

With nothing left to lose, Deidre and Quinton band together to protect king and crown. But what they can accomplish alone is nothing compared to what they can build with their passion for each other.

Copyright: March 2011
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press
Series: Highlander Trilogy Book #1
Format: Kindle copy.

From bestselling author Julianne MacLean comes the fiery saga of three Highland warriors sworn to protect their homeland—and fight for the women they love…


Lady Amelia Sutherland would rather die than surrender to a man like Duncan MacLean. He is the fiercest warrior of his clan—her people’s sworn enemy—and tonight he is standing over her bed. Eyes blazing, muscles taut, and battle axe gleaming, MacLean has come to kill Amelia’s fiancé. But once he sees the lovely, innocent Amelia, he decides to take her instead…


Stealing the young bride-to-be is the perfect revenge against the man who murdered Duncan’s one true love. But Lady Amelia turns out to be more than a pawn of vengeance and war. This brave, beautiful woman touches something deep in Duncan’s soul that is even more powerful than a warrior’s fury. But when Amelia begins to fall in love with her captor—and surrenders in his arms—the real battle begins…

Copyright: March 2011
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Series: Vampyres Series Book #1
Format: Kindle copy.

He’s lost, trapped, doomed for all eternity…

Rich, titled, and undead, gentleman vampyre James Maitland, Lord Kettering, fears himself doomed to a cold and lonely existence-trapped for decades in an abandoned castle. Then, beautiful Scottish witch Blaire Lindsay arrives, and things begin to heat up considerably…

Unless he can persuade her to set him free…

Feisty Blaire Lindsay laughs off the local gossip surrounding her mother’s ancestral home-stories of haunting cannot scare off this battle-born witch. But when she discovers the handsome prisoner in the bowels of the castle, Blaire has no idea that she has unleashed anything more than a man who sets her heart on fire…

DEADLY LIES by Cynthia Eden
Copyright: March 2011
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Series: Deadly Series Book #3
Format: Kindle copy.

She wants to hide the past…

FBI Special Agent Samantha Kennedy is haunted by memories of the serial killer who abducted her. To keep the darkness at bay, she pretends to be a different, more confident woman. This Samantha doesn’t fear every unknown face. So she throws caution to the wind and shares a night of unbridled passion with a handsome stranger.

He needs to uncover the truth…

One night isn’t enough for successful entrepreneur Max Ridgeway. He wants more of the sexy, smart, mysterious woman who slipped away before dawn. When they meet again, their attraction is undeniable—until his stepbrother goes missing, and Max realizes that Samantha isn’t who she seems. But they must trust each other to trap a ring of blood-thirsty kidnappers before the nightmares that terrorize Sam become irrevocably real.

As a merciless criminal spins a web of . . .


DEVIL’S OWN by Veronica Wolff
Copyright: March 2011
Publisher: Berkley Sensation
Series: A Clan MacAlpin Novel Book #2
Format: Kindle copy.

Fifteen years after he was kidnapped and sold into slavery, Aidan returns to Scotland to find the home he knew long gone.  His mother, a proper education, a chance at love—gone. All he has now are dreams of vengeance…

Only one woman could restore his tormented heart.

Aidan MacAlpin appreciates the hospitality of his brothers and sisters, but after surviving hell on earth, they feel more like strangers than kin. They could never understand his one ambition: To exact bloody revenge on the bastard who enslaved him all those years ago…

Elspeth Farquharson had already resigned herself to the life of a spinster when she’s hired to tutor dark, brooding Aidan—a real-life hero more enticing than any from her adventure books. If only she could convince this tragic rogue that she’s not the nervous, stuttering bookworm she appears to be. But when Aidan shows her a clue to his tortured past, she’ll be thrust into a dangerous game of passion and deception that will awaken the sexy heroine within—if it doesn’t kill her first…

I’m in the middle of LEAD ME ON by Victoria Dahl then I have to start on DREAMS OF A DARK WARRIOR by Kresley Cole for our next Book Club meeting, after that I can dive into these new goodies! :)






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PLEASURE ME by Monica Burns
Copyright: March 2011
Publisher: Berkley Heat
Series: Works fine as a stand alone but the couple from KISMET make appearances in this one.
Source: Received from Publisher.

Youth and beauty are a courtesan’s greatest assets. At forty-one, Lady Ruth Attwood appears to have lost both, as her latest lover just abandoned her for a younger mistress. Struggling with the knowledge that she’s no longer considered desirable, she’s uncertain whether to be offended or flattered when a younger man makes her an unusual offer. In need of funds, she agrees. But then she does the unthinkable. She falls in love.

Despite his reputation as a man’s man, Baron Garrick Stratfield has never been with a woman. His physical impairment is such that he knows not even a whore will touch him, and he needs a mistress who’s willing to be kept without sharing his bed. But passion is just a delicious kiss away because his new mistress is wreaking havoc with his senses. Worse yet, someone is not only out to ruin his reputation, but frame him for murder.

First time reading this author. Not usually a fan of younger man/older woman stories (like it the other way, yes, I am a hypocrite, sue me *g*) but I was intrigued by the blurb and wanted to see what his terrible “secret” was. To be honest, not sure what the big deal about it was so I might have missed something? Although it felt kind of repiticious after some time when he kept worrying about his “deformity”. Another thing, her constant worries about her age and being older than him got a little old after a while.

There was just so much going on. How Ruth became a courtesan. Why Garrick was still a virgin at 29 years old. What shaped them the way they were and how they overcame it all to be together. On the flip side, I can’t say it wasn’t an engrossing read because it was as I couldn’t put it down until I finished reading it.






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WHAT I DID FOR A DUKE by Julie Anne Long
Copyright: February 22, 2011
Publisher: Avon
Series: Pennyroyal Green Series, Book 5
Source: Purchased e-copy for Kindle via Amazon

For years, he’s been an object of fear, fascination . . . and fantasy. But of all the wicked rumors that shadow the formidable Alexander Moncrieffe, Duke of Falconbridge, the ton knows one thing for certain: only fools dare cross him. And when Ian Eversea does just that, Moncrieffe knows the perfect revenge: he’ll seduce Ian’s innocent sister, Genevieve—the only Eversea as yet untouched by scandal. First he’ll capture her heart . . . and then he’ll break it.

But everything about Genevieve is unexpected: the passion simmering beneath her cool control, the sharp wit tempered by gentleness . . . And though Genevieve has heard the whispers about the duke’s dark past, and knows she trifles with him at her peril, one incendiary kiss tempts her deeper into a world of extraordinary sensuality. Until Genevieve is faced with a fateful choice . . . is there anything she won’t do for a duke?

Really think I’m getting burned out on historicals right now. Have heard the “buzz” about this and it’s either my mood or the hype not living up to my expectations. I think I need to move on to another genre other than historicals for now.

I had issues with the hero targeting the heroine for revenge because of something her brother did that she had nothing to do with. I had issues with the pansy brother who was willing to throw his sister under the bus to get the duke’s attention off him and on someone else. I had issues with the heroine, who was “so in love” with her best friend that she felt the need to confess her love for him…while in bed with the hero after they shared some good times. I had issues with the friend who felt the need to do this “test” on the heroine because he was a flaming coward. Yes, the hero was clever, the heroine was clever, they were just both clever together but nothing about this story wowed me until the last 20-30 pages and even then I wasn’t wowed, just felt a sense of “Thank God, it’s about time.”

I’ve come to the conclusion that one of two things are going on. Either I’m slipping into a slump already this year or I need a bit of a break from historicals right now. The second part is a huge thing for me as historicals are my first love but looking over my reads so far this year, I can only count on one hand the historicals I’ve read and actually enjoyed.






Finally remembered to take a picture of us a Book Club! Yay for us! :smile_wp: See? We really do exist! Heh.

Sitting: Roxie, Me & via Skype: Mamakitty — Middle Row: Tina & WendyK — Back Row: Tonya, Jennifer & Kiara

We tried something new tonight. One of the new members joined us via Skype as she’s not a local NC lady. She lives in Texas. It was so great meeting a “new” member this way!

First Book of the Month discussion was a huge success!! Our next read will be DREAMS OF A DARK WARRIOR by Kresley Cole. I have been assured that this one works just fine as a stand-alone as I haven’t read any of the books in this series yet. I’ve already told WendyK if she’s steered me wrong, I might have to hurt her because she knows how anal I am about reading in order. Feel twitchy when I start a series mid-way. :lol_wp:






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Have had a busy today and just remembered I haven’t picked a winner. Bad me!!

The winner of a copy of GOODNIGHT TWEETHEART by Teresa Medeiros is…..


Congrats Maria!

Please email me your address to rbm@romancebookmaven.com so I can get the book out to you. Enjoy your win! :)






funny pictures - Double High-Five with Invisible Friend
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I just had this come through my email and felt the need to share. I love things like this. :) Author Ashley March has started a new company called Book Giveaways Today. Website says it starts up in April 2011. From her blog post, she says:

To those of you who are my readers: Don’t worry. I’m still writing books. This is just another passion of mine.

One night a while ago when I was up in the middle of the night with the baby, I had an idea. That idea has evolved into a project of mine called Book Giveaways Today (www.bookgiveawaystoday.com). Book Giveaways Today is the parent company/site, with 10 different subsidiary sites:

Romance Giveaways (www.romancegiveaways.com)

eRomance Giveaway (www.eromancegiveaways.com)

YA Giveaways (www.yagiveaways.com)

Fiction Giveaways (www.fictiongiveaways.com)

eFiction Giveaways (www.efictiongiveaways.com)

Non-Fiction Giveaways (www.nonfictiongiveaways.com)

Kids’ Book Giveaways (www.kidsbookgiveaways.com)

Christian Book Giveaways (www.christianbookgiveaways.com)

Christian Fiction Giveaways (www.christianfictiongiveaways.com)

Christian eFiction Giveaways (www.christianefictiongiveaways.com)

At each of the sites listed above, you will be able to enter every single day for a chance to win 9 books. That’s a total of 90 books! The best part is that there’s no registration, no logging in, etc. All you have to do is enter your email address for the book that you are interested in winning. Another great thing? All of the giveaways are open to international residents.

If you prefer to read e-books, there are three sites dedicated just to e-books: eRomance Giveaways, eFiction Giveaways, and ChristianeFictionGiveaways. In addition, print books and e-books will be offered on the other seven sites. Self-published books can be found on the three dedication e-book sites, and also in their own separate category on the other seven sites.

And another very important thing, which I feel really strongly about: 10% of any proceeds received by Book Giveaways Today through author promotions or advertisements goes to ProLiteracy to help the fight against illiteracy.

So why did I want to create Book Giveaways Today? When the idea first came to me, my first thought was that it would simply be awesome. 90 books a day? Yes, my name is Ashley, and I’m an overachiever. I ran the idea past a few of my readers, and received some very excited, enthusiastic feedback. That’s when I knew that others would think it was just as awesome as I did.

But when I continued thinking about the idea (meaning, when I finally got a full five hours asleep after I put the baby back to bed), I came up with three reasons why I wanted to do this.

1) Supporting Authors

As an author, I know how difficult it is to get our names and books out there in front of readers who are actually interested in the types of books we read. I wanted to create a platform where readers would come to the authors. If I created only one website, that didn’t give all types of authors a chance to interact with readers. By creating ten different websites with various sub-genres/categories on each site, people who like to read specific books can easily find the authors who write them. In addition, because I’m an author and know what our budgets look like, I wanted to create a promotional avenue that wasn’t cost-prohibitive.

2) Growing the Reading Community

If you’re a reader like me, you love free books. Who wouldn’t? And a chance to win the type of books you like to read every single day…? As I said above, that’s just plain awesome. But beyond the great opportunities readers have to win free books, my dream is for readers to tell others about what they’re reading, to write reviews, to spread information about the books they win through word of mouth. I want Book Giveaways Today to spark a reading community throughout the world, larger than the one we already have.

To that end, each site will include online book clubs for each category inside that site. (For example, in Romance Giveaways, there will be book clubs for historical romance, paranormal romance, contemporary romance, etc.) This way, people who don’t have an opportunity or the time to join a book club in their city can come together and discuss books with other fellow readers. The books chosen each month for the book clubs are chosen by you–when you enter to win a book each day, after you read about that book (including an excerpt), you’ll be able to nominate that book for the next month’s book club. The book in that category that has the most nominations becomes the next month’s book club. This way, the book isn’t just a random title selected by Book Giveaways Today; it’s a book that most of the readers thought looked interesting and decided they wanted to invest their time and money (if they didn’t win it!) to discuss it online.

And because I love giving things away (as those of you who follow me on Facebook already know), each site will feature a readers rewards program: the more you interact in the online book clubs and the other future programs we’re planning, the more points you receive. And when you get a certain number of points, you can earn a prize. Think of it like your grocery store club card–only a lot, lot better.

3) Fighting Illiteracy

As I mentioned above, 10% of all proceeds through author promotions and advertising will go toward fighting illiteracy by donations to ProLiteracy. This simply makes sense to me. If one of the goals of Book Giveaways Today is to grow the reading community, then the best way we can do this is by helping others learn how to read. I know some people choose not to read, but I think everyone wants to read should be able to.

And that’s about it: Supporting Authors. Growing the Reading Community. Fighting Illiteracy.

The first site to be launched will be Romance Giveaways, coming in April 2011. If you’re a romance reader, be sure to sign up for the launch notification on www.romancegiveaways.com. Also, you can follow Romance Giveaways on Facebook and have a chance to win one book every day (soon it will be 9 books each day in April!).

If you’re an author, publisher, or advertiser interested in learning how you can promote with Book Giveaways Today, you can email me at: ashley@bookgiveawaystoday.com.

Thanks for reading about my new project!

How cool does this sound? I wish I had thought of something like this but am very happy to help get the word out for Ashley. So go! Go sign up for the newsletter. Sign up for whatever genre grabs your attention. Have fun & Good Luck! :) You can also find them at Twitter and on Facebook.






Copyright: February 2011
Publisher: Berkley Heat
Series: Play-by-Play Series — Book 1
Source: Bought both a print copy & the Kindle version.

Football pro Mick Riley is an all-star, both on the field and in the bedroom. But a sexy, determinedly single mom just might be the one to throw him off his game…

For years Mick has been taking full advantage of the life available to a pro athlete: fame, fortune, and a different girl in every city. But when he meets and beds confident, beautiful event planner Tara Lincoln, he wants much more than the typical one-night stand. Too bad Tara’s not interested in getting to know football’s most notorious playboy any better.

As the single mother of a teenage son, the last thing Tara needs is the jet-set lifestyle of Mick Riley; even though their steamy and passionate one-night stand was unforgettable. Tara’s life is complicated enough without being thrust into the spotlight as Mick’s latest girl du jour. Tara played the game of love once and lost big, and she doesn’t intend to put herself out there again, especially with a heartbreaker like Mick.

But when Mick sets his mind to win, nothing will stop him. And he has the perfect play in mind.

Confession time: I’m in ♥ with this cover. I have mad ♥ for it. Mad ♥. :heartyou:

Moving on before I keep gazing at the cover…. *g*

My local book club will turn three years old this August. From the very beginning we’ve been a pretty laid-back book club. Laid-back in that we don’t have just “one” book we read and discuss. We discuss any and all books we’ve read in the time we haven’t met. It’s been great so far. At every meeting we all bring the books and/or our e-readers and gush or complain about this book or that book accordingly. This year we’re trying something different. We’ve decided to do what we usually do but in addition, we now have “Book Club Picks of the Month”. Our first pick? Yes, you guessed it. It’s this lovely book. :muahaha:

Although, I will admit it wasn’t hard to convince the ladies in my group to make this our first club read and I’m really looking forward to Friday night when we meet so we can all dish about the book. I can’t begin to tell you how much I love my book club. The ladies in it have made my Fridays for the past (almost!) three years. Bring on Friday night! :whoo:



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